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((OOC: Music from the heart of Alexander to Jade.))

((Holodeck Simulation-Jade and Alexander’s Cabin))

Alexander has just asked Jade to be his love and his mate, his parents Frances and Jefferson look at him as he gives her the family ring of engagement. He looks into her eyes as she sits there in amazement and shock.::

Shryker: Oh Alex __ I __

Matthews: ::Touching her face.:: I’m in love with you Jade. It’s like you said, life should be cherished. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, build a life with you... ::Looking deep into her eyes.:: Have a family with you. ::Taking her hand into his.:: Will you marry me ?

Jade’s heart jumped, her breathing became quicker. Something this wonderful couldn’t be happening to her, surely?::

Shryker: Yes.

Frances looked at Alexander, she had never seen the passion or the expression of what he is showing now. She knows her son is very passionate and gentle, but this was a side of him that she had never seen, she could only smile with the small tear. She reached for Jefferson’s hand as she watched her only son ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. Jefferson stood next to his wife holding her hand in his as he watched his son take the step of destiny that he had taken years before. He squeezed the hand of Frances as Alexander asked the question.::

Shryker: I love you Alex.

Matthews: ::He heard the words of the woman he loves, she said yes, then the words that he has waited weeks to hear.:: I love you Jade. ::Looking into her eyes as he takes her hands into his. He moved towards her and kissed her lips softly. Taking her into his arms and holding her tight.::

Jade shed tears of happiness.::

Frances: ::Smiling.:: Welcome to the family dear. ::Standing up next to Jefferson.:: I think this calls for a celebration...::Looking to Jefferson.:: Jeff get the glasses,The champagne is in the refrigerator Alexander. ::Taking Jade into her arms.:: I could see the love in his eyes for you.

Shryker: Thanx Frances. He is wonderful.

Jefferson: ::Giving Jade a hug.:: Welcome to our family Jade. ::Walking over to the cupboard, taking out four glasses.::

Shryker: Thank you, I am so happy.

Alexander kissed Jade on the cheek and walks over to the refrigerator, opening it and grabbing the bottle. He walks back over to the group.He holds the bottle away from them as he turns the tie holding the cork, the cork pops of the bottle of Moet, Jefferson holds the glasses as Alexander poured the champagne in the glasses, Jefferson passed the glasses to them all and speaks.::

Jefferson: ::He holds the glass up.:: To Jade and Alexander, happiness and long life. There is something that we almost forgot. ::Looking to Alexander.:: Congratulations on your promotion to Lt. Commander son.

Frances: ::Holding her glass up, Looking at Jade and Alexander.:: Peace and long life and retirement. Congratulations Lt. Commander, I’m very proud of you.

Shryker: So am I.

Matthews: ::Smiling.:: Thanks Dad, Mom. ::Raising his glass.:: To the future...::Looking to Jade as he takes her hand into his.:: Mrs. Matthews, I am always with you. I am there for you. When you feel your heartbeat, mine beats with yours, No matter where you go, I will find you. No matter where you are, no matter how far. I will find you. I love you Jade.

Shryker: I love you Alex with all my heart. Forever.

The four of them drink to the future of the family, and the new adventures ahead of them all. Alexander takes Jade by the hand as they walked out of the cabin through the double doors into the garden as the morning mist starts burn off from the heat of the sun. Frances and Jefferson follow them as they smile at them, thinking back to the day when they became engaged here in the main house many years ago. They watch as Jade and Alexander became one mind, one heart, one soul.::