Tristan Wolf

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StarBase 118
Tristan Wolf
Position Chief Administrative Officer for Romulan Affairs
Rank Fleet Admiral
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 233205.30
Age 69
Birthplace Mount Magnet, Western Australia
Writer ID P237106TW0

FltAdml. Tristan Wolf is currently the chief administrative officer for Romulan Affairs in the Beta Quadrant. His base of operations is StarBase 118, although he is routinely on away missions to bases, planets, and colonies in the Beta Quadrant.


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Hair Color: Chestnut
  • Length of Hair: Standard cut, above collar.
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Skin Tone: Bronzed
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Long scar along right forearm, scar along hairline above left eye.
  • Build: Well-built, lithe.
  • Face: Grave, irregular nose (broken in a fight), firm jawed, wears a beard which he inconsistently grows/shaves.
  • Eyes: Wide set, steely, knitted eyebrows.
  • Mouth: Well shaped, usually set firmly, stern.
  • Arms: Well muscled, soft hands.
  • Legs: Long, muscular
  • Carriage: Walks with purpose.
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Sits straight in chair, ankle over knee, elbows on arms of chair or table; stands with feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind back.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): almost always in uniform or one-piece. Otherwise, wears dark, business-like clothing that is usually a comfortable, but not tight fit.
  • Shoes: Standard Starfleet issue boots.
  • Voice: Deep, steely, authoritative, articulated.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Quarters: Standard StarFleet quarters, large and spacious with his rank and decorated minimally. Bedroom contains deep green blanket on bed, a holo of dead wife and son on night-stand, closed bookcase in corner containing a few of his wife's trinkets. Main room flowers on coffee table kept fresh by an unknown officer.
  • Favorite Room: None in specific. Likes to wander the base.
  • Habits: Spends a lot of time working in his office. Rarely interacts with anyone below the rank of Fleet-Captain, and when he does he is usually terse.
  • Mannerisms: Pensive, slightly forbidding, restrained, slightly wistful, drums fingers on arm of chair when thinking. Tends to be closed off and hard to approach.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Doesn't believe in a god, or higher being. Atheist.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Enjoys martial arts and sword-fighting. Tends towards activities in which he can dominate others, and only participates socially in these activities if he is highly skilled. Rarely reads -- tends to spend time deep in thought, or reviewing current events -- but when he does, he enjoys literature by pessimists, and enjoys any books having to do with Vampires.
  • Likes:
    • "Secret places" i.e.- places that are secluded, hidden, small, closed-off. Not agoraphobic, but enjoys small areas.
    • Lobster... that's his favorite dinner food; loves chocolate covered ants.
  • Dislikes:
    • Snotty doctors.
    • Peas, and asparagus.
    • Snakes.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Wants only to be the most powerful man in the United Federation of Planets.
  • Achievements in Life: Career-wise, he has accomplished and over-achieved everything he set out to do, but he feels particularly proud of his accomplishments in computer skills he had as a younger man.
  • Disappointments in Life: Losing foster parents and wife and young son.
  • Temperament: Has violent mood swings that have worsened as time goes on. Often yells loudly and violently at anyone crossing him. When with those he considers equals, namely The Circle, he is often smug and sarcastic. Never reveals anything about his past anymore.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): A turbulent past has haunted him since his childhood. Has a fear of relationships since the death of his wife and child.
  • Physical Limitations: Within normal human standards.
  • Assessment of Achievements in Command: Tristan was always a stellar student in the academy. Once placed in the field, he was instantly set apart as an achiever, and a leader. His superiors saw this, which explains his many promotions in such a small period of time. Once above captain, Tristan was given a run of extraordinary good luck in that numerous upper-level officers passed away very soon after he reached the rank of captain. Tristan was often placed in a position where much was required of him, and often times, he was given numerous administration duties on top of his captaincy. His impeccable aptitude for organization and ease of interaction with the LCARS, and numerous other computer systems were seen as a great asset to StarFleet. In light of the many deaths of higher-ranking officers, gaps were created, even though a stock of well-trained admiralty was available within the Federation boundaries. Thus, as noted, Tristan was often given much responsibility, and frequently demonstrated that he was more adept at administration than he was at command. It should not be mistaken that he was a natural captain, however, his forte was definitely administration. All these factors taken into consideration, as well as the fact that Tristan was serving at StarBase 118, a base which was new and needing leadership within the base walls, and not necessarily in the field, helped Tristan set records in his rank procession.


  • Marital Status: Widower
  • Spouse: Janice Wolf (deceased)
    • Place of Marriage: Shiralea VI
  • Children: Paul Wolf, 2½ (deceased)
  • Parents
    • Father: Steven Argery (foster, MIA), Phillip Wolf (bio, deceased)
    • Mother: Karen Argery (foster), Jeniffer Wolf (bio, deceased)
  • Siblings: Possibly, records unclear on this matter. Entity known as Traveler reported to have stolen a child from the burning house. There are no birth records for a second child of Jennifer and Phillip Wolf.
    • Update: Logan Wolf and Brad Paine are both Wolf's brothers. Logan Wolf, assimilated by the Borg, was captured by Wolf, after Logan drugged Wolf and assumed his identity, using some of his Borg capabilities to change his appearance. He is currently being held by StarFleet at a secret location. Brad Paine is missing, and was last seen at Daris 2 Colony, where he was the commanding officer. After ordering the evacuation of that colony due to unstable conditions, his shuttle craft was found crashed on one of the moons of Daris. He is assumed dead, though as no body was found at the scene of the crash, he is classified as "missing." Logan Wolf is Tristan's blood-brother, kidnapped by the Traveler and placed in another home half-way across Earth. Brad Paine is Wolf's half-brother, as both share Jeniffer Wolf as their mother, through her first marriage. Brad's father gained custody of him after the divorce, and took his father's name.

Personal History

  1. 233205.30: Born in Mount Magnet, Australia.
  2. 233210.12: Orphaned when parents were caught in fire, started by the Traveler, a time- traveling entity which claimed that Wolf would annihilate his species when he came of age. The Traveler claimed that Wolf's mother would have something to do with the decision to destroy the Traveler species. Shortly after the fire, the Traveler disappeared.
  3. 233210.15: Transfered to a foster home in San Diego, California.
  4. 234703.29: Hacked StarFleet's databanks, most reputedly "DB-299142 Sigma Alpha", which contained hidden information on the Genesis project.
  5. 234810.14: Foster father, Steven Argery declared MIA while on away mission in Secara Nebula, while aboard the USS Adelphi (prototype Ambassador class starship).
  6. 234905.31: Foster mother, Karen Argery declared physically unstable, placed in bio-stasis care after a transporter explosion, which occurred while repairing the pattern buffer tank on transporter room 6, at the Utopia Planatia ship yards. Officially taken into StarFleet's care, as requested by Steven Argery in his legal will.
  7. 235002.21: Recruited by StarFleet as a computer technician at 18. Switched fields shortly after joining the academy to medicine.
  8. 235606.07: Graduated from the academy, 7th in class.
  9. 235610.20: Posted to the USS Melbourne.
  10. 235610.21-236103.18: Climbed the ranks quickly to Cmdr.
  11. 236111.01: Moved to Medical Chief of the USS Yamato.
  12. 236407.16: Met wife at StarBase 212, who was a technician stationed on Relay Station 47. Married her 6 months later on Shiralea VI.
  13. 236506.29: Son Paul is born on Earth. Wolf is on away mission on the USS Phoenix-B, at Jori V.
  14. 236603.28: Transferred to the USS Farragut for a brief period of time to fill in for the medical chief who was on a sabbatical. Left wife and newborn son behind on Earth. Was caught in fire while in a scrimmage with the Romulans, feels partly responsible for the death of Security Chief- Ron Goleden when Wolf failed to pull Goleden from under a fire containment door.
  15. 236612.05: Transfered to StarBase 118 and promoted to captain of the USS Phoenix- B. Wife and son moved to Earth, where they lived for 3 years.
  16. 237004.23: Advanced from Captain to Admiral in three years, a StarFleet record.
  17. 237104.28: Named Head Admiral of StarBase 118, summoned wife and son from Earth.
  18. 237105.20: Wife and son killed by a faulty anti-matter containment storage pod on their transport shuttle while en route to StarBase 118 from Earth.
  19. 237203.15: Acquired level 5, telepathic status from Q entity known as "Tray". The ability eventually fades. Wolf eventually has no telepathic powers by 2378.
  20. 237405.12: Foster mother brought from stasis to undergo successful corrective surgery.
  21. 237508.31: Transfers (temporarily) to Daris 2 Colony to head the completion of the base, and command the crew there temporarily.
  22. 237511.01: Promoted to rank of Fleet Admiral, sets another rank record.
  23. 237603.14: Returns to StarBase and resumes command.
  24. 237702.01: Gains entry into the mysterious organization called "The Circle."
  25. 237911.03: Is transferred to StarFleet Command division, as the Chief Administrative Officer for Romulan Affairs in the Beta Quadrant.
  26. 238212.11: Begins preparations to announce his candidacy for the office of President of the Federation by presenting awards to the crew of the Duronis II Embassy.
  27. 238306.15: Announces candidacy for president of the Federation on a platform of "the need to remain vigilant in peaceful times."
  28. 238403.27: Drop-out of the candidacy for president of the Federation after coming in fifth in Earth primary.

The Circle

Members: (Those already revealed.)

  • Vice Admiral Numini Siemens
    • "...Siemens, on the other hand, is a short round woman with a chubby face and pale, pale blue eyes. Her record of service is boring; no more than commanding remote listening outposts, to a few colonies here and there. In her old age, her long hair had begun to gray, but has now been dyed a jet black to make her look younger. The wrinkles in her face, and the veins in the back of her hands speak otherwise. Her big break was being given the command of Utopia Planatia, where she managed to fast track a number of extremely powerful ship designs, including the Defiant. StarFleet thanked her with rank. She may very well have been one of the deciding factors in the Dominion war. While not pretty, she had a head for ship design."
    • Part of the AB45 project.
  • Admiral Tara Denack
    • "...She is the most pleasing on the eye of all the members of The Circle, and perhaps the must cunning as well. She is young, like Wolf, just barely 42, and is a Terran as he is. The two share much of the same background: mysterious histories, dead parents, and fast rises to power. She stands an imposing six-feet, two inches, with long blond hair that she wears in a pony-tail, which is sitting like a snake, over her shoulder..."
    • Part of the AB45 project.
    • Co-signed the orders for Demma's arrest.
  • Rear Admiral Stephen Timber
    • "Timber is a tall, thin man with a balding head of wispy gray hair. His record of service is full of honors and medals. His history of crossing the t's and dotting the i's exactly as the book dictates has helped him rise up through the ranks just as fast as Wolf once did."
  • Admiral Gabriel Langdon
    • "Admiral Gabriel Langdon seems to be of a Terran, middle-eastern background, with a white beard cropped close to his face, and a bald head. His eyes are quiet brown, like his personality, but what he lacks in looks, he makes up for in intelligence and wisdom. The conservative voice of The Circle, undoubtedly."
  • Commodore Isabella LoGrasso
    • "... her red frizzy hair cascading out behind her thin, pale face. She is often seen as Langdon's counterpart, although she is more outspoken than he."
  • Rear Admiral Borg Eriksson
    • "Borg Eriksson, the Rear Admiral who was named long before the intriguing yet dangerous species was made first contact with, was perhaps the most imposing figure among the members of The Circle. He truly appeared the quintessential Swede; standing six foot seven with arms like a wrestler's. His beefy face was covered by a blond Olympian beard that matched his golden hair. He leaned into the screen and began to speak in a voice that almost rattled the speakers of Wolf's computer..."
    • Newest member of The Circle. Introduced and initiated by Wolf, the second newest.

Office of the Admiral

FltAdml. Wolf's office is located on floor 24 of the Executive Tower. He is not often found here, as his current duties often take him away from the base for weeks at a time.


  • Ling: a beautiful, Asian woman.
  • Vilas: " annoying five foot-eleven Terran woman with a nasally voice."

Waiting Room

  • "The room is a clean white, with positively uncomfortable looking sofas on either side. They are of a gray cloth, and have relatively small seats, with a small metal pole jutting upward to hold slightly curved pads only three inches tall to lean against. The chairs are all positioned on a long metal bar, and are separated every third seat by a round white table, with various assortments of books-on-PADD, and small vases of flowers. At the far end of the room, the two secretaries sit on high chairs at waist-level desks, both with panels about a foot high, which hide everything from the chest down, while the secretaries are seated. A forcefield is erected directly in front of the desks, protecting the two women from phaser-fire, or the Admiral's door from being entered without permission. To enter Wolf's inner office, both secretaries must tap buttons on their desk, hidden by the erected console, which will then drop the forcefield directly ahead of the Admiral's door, allowing visitors to enter. The entire room is also watched around the clock by four hidden cameras, with a direct circuit to the main security office, and a two security stations nearby. In case of emergency, all that one of the two secretaries need do is push a pedal underneath the desk. A lock-down of the entire deck will occur, with security forces alerted, and the Admiral's office doors (both inner and outer) secured instantly."

Notable Sims