Trenet, Aurelie

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Aurelie Trenet

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Temporal Agent
  • Rank: Classified
  • Race: Terran
  • Spouse: Mathieu Maurier (married 3 years)
  • Family: Joseph & Madeline (parents)

Agent Aurelie Trenet is an NPC of LtCmdr Lily Ventu


  • Current Rank: Classified
  • Duty Post: Temporal Agent
  • Current Vessel: Classified
  • Date Assigned: 2565
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: February 6, 2540
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France, Earth


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5'5

Family History

  • Mother: Madeline
  • Father: Joseph
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Mathieu - Temporal Agent
  • Children: None

Personal & Professional History

  • Classified!

IC Sims Involving Aurelie

  • 238312.09 - Aresee first encounters Aurelie when the latter temporally shifted the former to save her from an Other Side attack. At the beginning, Aurelie is reluctant to reveal anything other than her name due to the Temporal Prime Directive.
  • 238312.12 - Accompanies Aresee to sickbay in an attempt to communicate psychically with Captain Phoenix.
  • 238312.13 - After discovering that the technology used to temporally phase them has been diabled, Aurelie is informed by her colleagues that the Victory crew has a heavily armed security team out looking for Aresee.
  • 238312.16 - When an attempt by the Victory crew to re-intigrate Aresee into their time fails, Aurelie receives a message that the Other Side has beamed another half-dozen operatives aboard in an attempt to apprehend Aresee. The two women move further into the interior of the ship, hoping not to be found.
  • 238312.18 - On their way to sickbay, Aurelie and Aresee are cornered by an Other Side operative, and only escape when Aresee makes telepathic contact with Robin Phoenix, and convinces her to lock her sickbay door.
  • 238401.05 - Aurelie and Aresee escape sickbay through the Jeffries tubes, emerging on Deck 11. Waiting for them are three Other Side operatives, and they are both captured.
  • 238401.08 - They are able to incapacitate the operatives. However, just after they do so, a transporter portal appears, drawing the three operatives, both of them, and Captain Phoenix (who was responding to a telepathic cry for help from Aresee) though to the other side.
  • 238401.09 - On the other side of the portal, Aurelie and Aresee find that they, along with the unconscious operatives, have been phased back to normal. They are being held in a cell in a ship that Aurelie recognizes as belonging to a time-traveling race called the Collectors.
  • 238401.12 - Aurelie breaks through the cell's locked door, and she, Aresee, and Robin escape, leaving the operatives behind. They are able to get to the Collectors' transporter room, where Aurelie creates another portal that returns them to the bridge of the Victory.
  • 238401.21 - After all is said and done aboard the Victory, Aurelie is left aboard. Aresee takes her to see Phoenix and Diamond. Aresee suggests that they find a way to return her to her own time, but Aurelie expresses the desire to stay aboard, hinting that her mission is not yet over. However, she will not reveal any specifics to anyone on the Victory crew, although she does reveal that she carries her time-traveling technology with her.
  • 238401.22 - Captain Phoenix 'strongly suggests' that Aurelie leave the ship.
  • 238401.23 - Aresee advocates for Aurelie to remain aboard for the time being, albeit restricted to guest quarters and under guard. Both Phoenix and Diamond agree.
  • 238401.28 - Aurelie heads to the Gosport Galley for a drink, but after drawing a crowd, she is escorted to her guest quarters by Lt Koveski. Once there, she removes a temporal communicator and opens a channel to her superiors in the future.
  • 238401.31 - Aurelie reports to Matilda Tayler-Ventu, and relays her report. Matilda stresses that Aurelie should keep a low profile, and Aurelie complains that Matilda will not let her see the 'whole file' relating to her mission.
  • 238402.06 - Using her technology, Aurelie hacks into the Victory computer's restricted files. She is caught in the act by Commander Diamond, who orders Lieutenant Alexander to arrest her. However, when Aurelie explains about her lack of information regarding her mission, Diamond relents and places her under house arrest instead, restricting all technology usage in her quarters.
  • 238403.11 - After Aresee discovers that her sister has run away from home, she questions Aurelie, believing that it may relate to her mission in some way. She decides to bring Aurelie before the captain, hoping that Robin will let Aurelie go free so that she can help Aresee with the mystery of her sister.
  • 238403.21 - Captain Phoenix abstains from giving a yea or nay on involving Aurelie further in Victory business, repeating that they know little about her. She suggests that Aresee take Aurelie to see Acting Captain Diamond.
  • 238403.23 - Aurelie is dragged down to the shuttlebay with Aresee and Sam Koveski after Aresee learns her sister has arrived. Once Aurelie sees Alexa Ventu, her own personality is subsumed by her berserker personality. She is able to incapacitate both Lt Koveski and Ensign Devin before Aresee stuns her. Aurelie is placed in the brig.
  • 238403.28 - Aresee goes to visit Aurelie in the brig. Aurelie explains that, in the wake of the berserker attack, the unconsciously-coded aspects of her mission have resurfaced: Her mission was not to kill Alexa, but rather to provoke Aresee into saving her sister's life. However, she refuses to say why, or reveal what importance it may've had, and simply triggers her temporal transporter, returning to her own time.