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Brikar Defense Force

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Supervisor
  • Provence: Eerie
  • Rank: Supervisor
  • Race: Brikar
  • Spouse Rookee”


The Writer

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Supervisor Tredd is a deceased member of the Brikar Defense Force. He held the rank of Commander in the Intelligence services. A former head of Security detachment 534, he was member of the intelligence arm of the BDF.

  • Full Name: Tredd Dunxx
  • Current Rank: Supervisor
  • Race: Brikar
  • Date of Birth: 230412.10
  • Age 85
  • Place of Birth: Brikar
  • Gender:male
  • Telepathic status:none
  • Deceased
  • Appearance
  • Height: 6'8
  • Height: 779 lbs.
  • Hair Color:none
  • Eye Color: dull red


  • Spouse: Reddy Dunxx
  • Children: Scannee Dunxx, Zunne Dunxx,Eerie
  • Parents
  • Father: Exte Dunxx
  • Mother: Hetere Wered
  • Siblings: none


Tredd has been the supervisor to Security Detachment 534 in the Eerie Province for the past 30 some years. It is known that before that he was in the intelligence department of the BDF. He also holds an inactive commission in the BSF. However, he is know to continue to work behind the scenes on intelligence work and he has strong connections with Staff Fleet and the Federation. He was an officer in the BDF during the Klingon - Brikar wars of about 50 years ago. He was captured by Klingon Forces and helped broker the cease fire between the Brikar and the Klingon Empire.

He is semi retired after the war and took the position as Security Supervisor. He is still connected with the Brikar Defense Force (BDF). Tredd was also involved with membership to the Federation. He is was still active in the intelligence field at the time of his death.

Almost 26 years ago he found a young Brikar baby. He and the rest of the 5 person detachment raised the young baby. He was named Eerie after the Province.