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Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg

The Silver Palm - Presented by Commander Ben Livingston:
When Tyler Kelly came to town, he kicked our energy level up a notch. Kelly’s writer has used action-packed and dramatic scenes, such as stymieing a villain’s plan by throwing a PADD across the room or engaging in hand-to-throat combat at a very tense moment, to bring our storylines to the next level. He engages with his fellow writers to write joint posts and leave tags for whomever needs them, and gives our sim a sense of realism by introducing artifacts such as a photo of his beaten character or the actual text of a security report. Beyond this, Kelly’s writer stays active on the forums, taking part in games as well as contributing to other threads. With each post, he pours his enthusiasm and energy into our group, and for that, Tyler Kelly is awarded the Silver Palm. Thank you, Tyler!

Awards DutyPost NatashaYarPinAward 2011.jpg

The Natasha Yar Pin

Named after the Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise-D, killed in the line of duty, this award is given to those Security officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of their crewmates, even at risk to their own.

Tyler Kelly, USS Columbia - presented by Ben Livingston

The crew of USS Columbia has a knack for getting into trouble. Fortunately, Tyler Kelly has a knack for getting them back out. Kelly's writer always does so in spectacular fashion, breathing life into scenes and storylines while neglecting neither the development of his character nor the IC consequences of each action. Scenes of particular note include the violent jerk-reaction of destroying a PADD to prevent dangerous captives from going free as well as a struggle to the death in hand to hand combat. This year, Columbia faced tremendous threats from internal security breaches - arson, attempted assassinations, and hostile bridge takeovers among them. Each of these piled onto the heap of the security department's troubles, but Kelly gracefully -- and dramatically -- dispatched each. Kelly's actions always fit within and serve the overarching ship plot and the needs of other characters. Along the way, he gives the crew a sense of what is involved in the ship security, issuing security reports for our perusal and welcoming aboard new officers as he grants their security clearance. I am very proud to present Tyler Kelly with this year's Natasha Yar Pin.