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Titan News Archive

Titan News:- 238205.05

We are happy to announce that Lt. jg. Cyrus Kai has returned from his extended LOA and has assumed the position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

Welcome back Lt. Kai, we are delighted to sim with you again.

Titan News:- 238202.13

This is the time of changes for Titan.

First of all, we are happy to welcome our two new members - Ensign Sarah Lutjens, who has taken the position of Chief Medical Officer, and Ensign Aeryn Skylar, who is our new Counselor. We wish them all the best.

Two of our seasoned simmers have decided to retire their old characters, and make fresh beginning with new ones. We hereby say goodbye to Commander Nova and Lt.Cmdr. Jensen, and welcome in Lt. JG. Anton Vorobijev, as our next Chief of Engineering, and Lt. JG. So'na Laang, as our new HCO Officer.

We are also pleased to announce that Lt. JG. Alexander Ilic has been promoted - both to rank of full Lieutenant, and into Titan's new First Officer. Congratulations.

On a sadder note, Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Baker has decided to leave us. We wish him best on his new trek.

Titan News:- 238112.15

We are pleased to welcome the arrival of Ensign Shar Aileron, who takes the position of Chief of Security Officer. We wish her all the best!

On another note several crew members have changed positons with Commander Nova taking Chief Tactical Officer and Lt. Commander Baker taking up his old role of Chief Engineering Officer.

We have also had several people leave us due to real life issues including Ensign Dopper, Lt. Freya Anderson and Lt. Jg Larsen.

Lastly the website has been expanded to include decriptions of the roles and responsiblities of all the crew positions! This is accessible through the crew manifest.

Titan News:- 238111.11

We are glad to welcome the arrival of Ensign Dekon Renora, who takes the position of Chief Medical Officer. We wish her all the best!

On another cheery note we are glad to announce the promotions of Lt. T'Preen to Lt. Commander, Ensign Ilic to Lieutenant Jg. Also Lt. Commander Jensen has been promoted to the position of First Officer, congratulations!

Titan News:- 238108.04

Unforunately due to pressures outside there control Lt. Freya Andersen and Doctor Nystrom have had to take temporary leave from the USS Titan. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we look forward to simming with them again in the near future!

Titan News:- 238107.26

We are glad to welcome the arrival of Ensign Alexander Ilic, who arrives straight from Training to take the position of Assistant Science Officer. We wish him all the best!

Titan News:- 238107.22

Following several missions of outstanding simming, we are pleased to announce the promotions of both Lt. Freya Andersen and Lt. April Jensen to the Rank of Lt. Commander, and Lt Jg. Sven Larsen to Full Lieutenant. Congratulations, you all deserve it!

Titan News:- 238103.22

After many weeks of painstaking work the new Titan website goes live. A big thanks goes out to all those who contributed to this project.

In addition we welcome the arrival of Ensign Vex Dopper, who recently transferred from the USS Constitution.