Time Travel and the Dominion War Roster

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The Crew Roster of StarBase 118 for the Time Travel and Dominion War mission:

SB 118

CO -- Captain Curtis Arvanon <jbrewste@...> (me) Terran male

XO -- Lt Cmdr San Aquiss <jwgirvan@...> Betazoid/Vulcan male

DO -- Lt JG Savik <trekker98@...> Vulcan woman

TAC -- Ensign Cullen Wallace <CaptMagi@...> Terran male

TAC -- Ensign T'Shul <greg@...> Vulcan man

ENG -- Lt JG Fairaget <fairaget@...> Human/Vulcan male

ENG -- Ensign Kodos <corporal5@...> Klingon Cardassian man

SCI/MED -- Lt Tiakas Kal'tora Terran female

CIVILIAN CHILD-- Magaera female

Lieutenant Commander Rowena Dannen Betazoid Terran female


(newly launched) Daris Colony

Admiral Tristain Wolf Terran male

Lt Cmdr Valeris Vulcan female

BO -- Lt. Commander Cory Corundum

ENG -- Lt JG Fredrik Sharp

TAC -- Ensign Justin Runner Terran male

COM/OPS -- Ensign Jericho Davenport Terran female

Science -- Lt JG Gero Speed Terran male

Ensign Chris Etherton

Ensign K'Tar

HELM -- Ensign Lore Byron Android male