Thunder Officer's Quarters

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Officer's Quarters

All Starfleet Officer's aboard the USS Thunder are assigned Quarters befitting the rank they hold.

NCO, Junior Quarters

Non Commissioned Officers, Junior Officers

Two NCO's or two Ensigns are assigned to one Standard Living Quarters. The Suite has a separate bedroom(with standard bed) for each crewman the Quarters was allocated to. These rooms are connected to a living/work area shared by both. A washroom with ultrasonic shower is located off of each bedroom. A food replicator and a personal holographic viewer are located in the living area. Small pets are allowed to NCO's or Junior Officers.

The NCO's or Ensign's may request that their living quarters be combined to form one large dwelling

Senior Officer's Quarters

Senior Officers

Personnel from Lieutenant Junior Grade up to Commander are given one set of quarters to themselves. These accommodations typically include a small bathroom with an ultrasonic shower, a bedroom(with standard bed), a living/work area, a food replicator, personal holographic viewer, and provisions for pets.

Officers may request that their living quarters be combined to form one large dwelling.

After six months aboard, officers are permitted to bring family aboard the ship and slightly larger accommodation is allocated to them. Members of the Captain's Senior Staff can have these restrictions waved with the Captain's permission.


Further more, department heads and their assistants may be granted the privileges associated with an Senior Officer Quarters, even if the officer in question doesn't hold the necessary rank (Lt.jg.). These privileges are allocated at the Captain's discretion in an effort to provide a private environment for these officer's to perform the off-duty work incurred by their positions.

Thunder Deck Layout