Thoris P'Trell

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Thoris P'Trell is an Andorian male that works as a Federation Secretary. He is an unassuming blue man with neatly trimmed white hair and a clean composure. Clean cut, clean shaven and neatly dressed, he always appeared perfectly put together without being gaudy or overdone.

P'Trell is precise, calculated, fair. Serious, patient, focused. He is all business at functions, and while he has a fun side, that is reserved only for close friends and family. Polite and careful, P'Trell is the sort of person who always thinks before they speak so they never say anything they regret - and frequently says nothing at all.


A longtime political aide, P'Trell rose to his position through steady reliability and good decision making skills. Neither flashy nor sensational, P'Trell is proof that sometimes slow and steady does win a race.