Thomas Firehawk

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Firehawk served on board the Steadfast-A.


  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: N/A
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Stardate 235308.04
  • Place of Birth: Cherokee Nation, Colorado, Earth


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 6ft. 3 in. (190cm)

Family History:

  • Mother: Julia Stormcrow
  • Father: Kevin Firehawk
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Divorced-Eva (E-wi) Firehawk
  • Children: Sequoyah Firehawk (Daughter) Thomas Firehawk, Jr. (Son)

Personal History: Stardate 235308.04 - Thomas is born.

Stardate 237306.08 - Thomas marries Eva Firehawk.

Stardate 237603.15 - After the dissolution of the United States of America, his people had petitioned the Federation, who now governed Earth, to annex his peoples' land and give them back what had been taken from them. The Federation had refused this, laying claim to their homes, their way of life. Thompson becomes an anti-Federation militant and joins with a murderous band of criminals to thwart the Federation. Through his service, he reaches the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Stardate 238005.18-Firehawk and his comrades rescue Drake Thompson, a rogue Federation officer that attempted to kill then-Commander Nekkar. With the aid of the Tiamat, a stolen and heavily modified Constitution-class starship, Firehawk and the others rescue Thompson and install him as their Captain.

Stardate 238006.17-On a mission to kill Commander Nekkar and the away team he leads from the USS Constitution, Firehawk and his comrades are left to die on Daris II by Thompson. Faced with certain death at the hands of zombie-like creatures inhabiting the planet, Firehawk joins the Federation away team and quickly gains respect for them. Together they survive the terrors and are rescued by the USS Constitution.

Stardate 238106.27: Tom has an affair with Victoria Samuelson, daughter of Admiral Michael Samuelson. The two are caught and Eva immediately leaves the station with Sequoyah and Thomas. Firehawk later receives divorce papers via subspace. Professional History

Stardate 238007.31-In spite of his previous transgressions, Fleet Captain Hebron gives Firehawk another chance, granting him a commission as an Ensign and posting him to the Constitution as its Chief Helm Officer.

238008.28- Under strange circumstances, Firehawk transfers to Starbase 118. Exact motives are unclear but they appear to be family-related.

238010-238012- Firehawk participates in the mission to Ferenginar to oversee the succession of the next Grand Nagus.

238012.30: Out of revenge, Captain Thompson attacks the Starbase and attempts to abduct Firehawk's family. The abduction is headed off by Tyr Waltas, and Firehawk beams aboard in exchange for Thompson sparing the Starbase destruction. Together with Ensign Kayne and Lieutenant Waltas, Firehawk rescues his family and escapes.

Stardate 238101.22: Firehawk is promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Stardate 238102.xx-238105.xx: Firehawk participates in a mission to Daris II commanded by Lt. Commander Tyr Waltas. While "training" (read:Racing) the fighters, Firehawk and the crew discover a pirate operation and apprehend the pirates. Upon returning to the starbase, Firehawk helps capture Romulans posing as Humans and imprisons them. Shortly thereafter he is appointed Acting Chief Of Security.

Stardate 238106.27: Due to his affair with Admiral Samuelson's daughter, Firehawk is forcibly removed from the starbase by Vice Admiral Michael Samuelson. He is given a choice of either resigning or leaving the base.

Stardate 238107.03: Firehawk chooses to remain in Starfleet and accepts reassignment as Chief Of Security to the USS Independence.

Stardate 238108.30: Firehawk is recalled to Starbase 118 and stripped of rank and privilege by Admiral Samuelson.

Stardate 238304.20: Firehawk finds his commission reactivated by now-Captain Waltas and he is assigned to the USS Steadfast. With a chance to start anew, Thomas jumps at the opportunity.

Character Data:

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Constitution-B, Starbase 118-Operations

Rank Upgrades:

  • Ensign: 238007.31
  • Lieutenant JG: 238101.22