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((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

Askade has just told Jade that Alexander is alive and on the Mercury. She does not know the extent of the injury to his leg, but the main thing is that she has brought him home. The hardest part of the trip back to the ship in the shuttle was that she tried to make sure that Alexander was stable and secured during the flight. The cut she received on her leg during the battle with B’vert was a minor and she would get it taken care of as soon as she could get to sickbay. She looked to Jade as she told her about Alexander.::

Askade: Jade, I got here as soon as I could. Alexander is alive and in Sickbay. He was wounded during the rescue attempt. ::Looking down to Audie as he walked over to her.::

Jade: ALEX! How__ How bad is he injured? ::Jade’s heart pounded.::

Askade: ::Bending down on one knee and holding Audie’s head in her arms, then looking back to Jade.:: We need to go down there as soon as you feel up to it.

Jade: I have to go, I have to be with him.

Askade walked with Jade out of the quarters into the corridor to the turbolift slowly because of Velana’s orders. The pair stood in the lift in silence as the lift moved to Deck Six. Askade could see the concern on Jade’s face, she could understand and how it could be affecting her. They both had become part of her family, she was just as concerned as Jade was about her friend.::

((Turbolift-USS Mercury))

Askade: ::Trying to make Jade smile.:: I told Alexander that you would have my hide because he got himself shot. ::With a small smile on her face.::

Jade: Oh Askade, I just want him with me. In one piece.

Askade: ::Looking away.:: I’m sorry, I should not be joking about it. ::Looking up as the tubolift stopped, she helped Jade out of the lift as they walked down the corridor to sickbay.

Jade: Where is he?

((Sickbay-Deck Six-USS Mercury))

Alexander looked over to the door as it opened to see Askade walking with Jade as the entered the room. He smiled as he looked upon her beauty, then he remembered his leg and turned away to look at the ceiling above him. He could not help but look at the woman he loves and would give his life to protect. He loved her so and was glad to see her. His heart skipped a few beats as she and Askade walked over to him. He looked into her creamy green eyes as she looked at him. Jade was filled with happiness to see him.::

Alexander: Hey babe, I’m home. ::Smiling.:: I missed you very much. ::He kissed her gently on her satin lips.:: I have really been missing those sweet kisses of yours. Thinking of you and the baby helped me through it. ::Taking her hand into his, then looking to Askade.:: Thanks Askade.

Jade: Yeh, thanx Askade.

Askade: ::Raising her eyebrow.:: You are welcome. ::Looking to Jade.:: Told you I would watch out for her, while you were gone.

Alexander: ::Looking at her.:: While you were on the planet, Audie was watching out for her too. ::Looking to Jade.:: Darlin, did Rockwell check on your supplies? ::Jade tried to hold back the tears.::

Jade: He sure did. I loved it. Hey Alex, what happened? ::Jade kissed him again, and looked over her man – then froze when she saw his leg, or where his leg should have been.:: Oh my darlin!

Alexander watched as her eyes moved towards his missing leg. He felt his heart drop when she saw it. He held in the the tears that he wanted to release, but he had to be strong for the family, the ship and the new life that he and Jade created together. He felt her hand in his, It gave him hope as he felt the love flow from her body into his. His heart jumped as her looked into her eyes.::

Alexander: I’m sorry Jade, I failed you. ::turning away from her.::

Jade sobbed but smiled at her man, holding his hand tight.::

Jade: Alex, I love you. It be ok. You are alive and that’s all that matters. ::Jade rubbed her belly.:: to both us.

Alexander: ::Looking into her beautiful green eyes.:: I love you so very much Jade. I promise that I will get better and be a good father and husband.

Jade kissed him softly. Alexander felt her soft lips touch his. His mind drifted back to the first real kiss he shared with her. He smiled at her as he touched her hair and remembered the smell of it. She was even more beautiful and each time he touched her, his heart skipped a few beats. All he knew is that he loved her more and more each second of the day..::

Jade: We get through this together.

Alexander: ::Looking up to her after she kissed him.:: Do you know that a kiss from you could launch thousands of starships ? ::Smiling.:: There is one ship that launches every time you kiss me. The ship that holds this heart that belongs to you.

Jade: Oh hun. You mean the galaxy to me.

Askade: With All due respect.::Looking at Alexander.:: I never want to hear that you have failed or will fail come out of your mouth again sir.

Jade: Yeh, you are the bravest man I have ever known.

Matthews: Ok Ok, geez.

Jade: Love you.

Alexander: ::Looking into her eyes again with the passion of his heart.:: Love you too.

He looked at her and smiled as he held her hand in his. He knew that his life was going to change drastically and he could only do his best to continue on, with the love of his heart beside him.::