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Tash Zubowskivich

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief of Security
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Terran
  • Partner: None
  • Children: Ella Zubowskivich

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Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich served as Chief Security Officer aboard USS Constitution-B


  • Full Name: Tash Zubowskivich
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 236003.03
  • Place of Birth: Indiana, USA, Earth
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 170 pounds
  • Hair Color: Dark Auburn/Red
  • Length of Hair: High and tight, spiked on top.
  • Eye Color: Light Green
  • Skin Tone: Fair, clear
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Nothing that hasn't been fixed by a dermal regenerator.
  • Tattoos: He had one rather intricate tattoo across his chest. It resembled a bird in sharp, tribal patterns, with the 'wingtips' expanding to his shoulders. This tattoo was his 'wedding gift' from Puhvai, the mother of Tash's child. He received it during a traditional Ambrosian wedding ceremony with old-style instruments, but 'lost' it when the medical nanites began taking over his body after his recent brush with death. They also removed all small scars and birthmarks.
  • Build: Lithe, but well toned.
  • Face: Kept shaven smooth of facial hair.
  • Eyes: Are the window to the soul. His most expressive feature.
  • Mouth: Has all his teeth!  :)
  • Arms: Just a guess, but the left one is the same length as the right one.
  • Legs: Shall I say it again?
  • Carriage: Posture is confident but protective.
  • Poses: Has a classic smile that says "Who, me?" Other than that, unless presenting himself for a higher ranking officer, he remains semi-casual.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Sport-style clothes made of comfortable cloth for off-duty time. Blues tend to suit him best. He is usually able to mimic successfully any style for the area he is traveling to. He can fit in at an Earth college just as easily as he can at a Klingon sporting event. His style can change as quickly as his mood, but he is particularly fond of leather.
  • Shoes: Either comfortable sneaker styles, or heavy clod-stomping boots.
  • Voice: A pleasant tenor, but not annoyingly so. He wrestles with mild dyslexia, but his linguistic efforts with the Klingon language have helped him smooth that little problem over.
  • Handedness: Right-handed


  • Quarters: His quarters are kept without a lot of modification. To say it nicely, it appears 'lived in.' The shelves are covered with pictures of his mother and sisters. One larger photo in particular is of the entire Zubowskivich clan, situated on the steps and porch to their ranch style home. Others include a small herd of doberman and a spotted Appaloosa.
  • Favorite Room: The one that has food.
  • Habits: Tends to partake of alcohol without reservation, though he's usually cautious of drinking should he have a shift coming up.
  • Mannerisms: He picked up a rather Vulcanish facial expression, the single-raised-eyebrow, from his friend T'Lea.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: His family was brought up in a conservative, almost Prodestant nature, but he is not committed to any particular religion at this time. He avoids speaking about the subject. Once fantastically devoted to his families church, he grew away from its influence during his Academy years.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Soccer and horse-riding are his favorite activities, though he has tried a variety of exciting, often dangerous activities. Skydiving, rockclimbing, skiing, kick-boxing... if its likely to cause damage, he's likely to enjoy doing it. Particularly, he likes to practice with firearms in combat situations, often with Klingon ties.
  • Likes: Though he would never admit it, he enjoys dancing, performing, and singing. Stage fright keeps him from doing this more actively.
  • Dislikes: Telepaths, generally. Also, he dislikes Jello, since he only ate it as a child when he was sick.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To travel and explore the Klingon Homeworld with his friend Ka'La.
  • Achievements in Life: Learning the Klingon language.
  • Disappointments in Life: His failure at flight training at the Academy, as his initial desire was to become a pilot.
  • Temperment: As said best by his pal Kwame, "You either fight with him, or against him." He can swing from friendly to competitive to confrontational in an instant, and finds it nearly impossible to back down from a challenge once it has been presented to him. Though he's been working on controlling his temper, he has been known to start a fight now and then. Controlled under pressure, he is able to improvise and manipulate his surroundings for his advantage, be it combat or under-cover investigation. His gentle, good-hearted nature, fierce loyalty, and persisent honesty keep him on the path for good. However, his desire to maintain tight control of himself, while admirable, can at times lead to violent outbursts, though he would most certainly never endeavor to hurt his crewmates. Knowing this violence needs an occasional outlet, he often partakes in combat scenario's on the holodeck to help maintain his inner balance.
  • Mental problems: He is quite uncomfortable around full telepaths that he does not exclusively know well or have experience with. This is due to a back-story relating to his Junior year at the Academy, though there is no official file on the situation. He prefers not to disclose this information. Half telepaths, unless openly displaying thier abilities, are less of a problem for him. Other than this, he is at times rather anxious and paranoid, but is usually able to work through it. Over time, he has worked with the most talented Counselor Gear, a full Betazoid, to help him increase his tolerance.
  • Physical Limitations: None in particular, but he is uniquely graceful in zero gravity due to his training. He is particularly vulnerable to untempered sun and heat, considering his fair complexion and often-times-snowy upbringing in Indiana.


  • Marital Status: Single (widower).
  • Children: Daughter (Half Ambrosian, half Human) Sanellavai (Ella).
  • Spouse: Puhvai (deceased) Ambrosian Chiefs daughter.
  • Parents
    • Father: Eugene, deceased. A successful business-owner that began with a single horse to breed, he became the name in quality bred horses, particularly Appaloosa and Friesians. Several of his daughters maintain the business to this day, and most have supportive roles in the business.
    • Mother: Melody, living in Indiana in the families ranch home. She is quite religious and tends to be a little less than supportive, but her authority has kept the family close. Her expectations of her children are high, but she is particularly hard on Tash for his dramatic lifestyle, which clashes with their families traditionally modest upbringing.
  • Siblings
    • Sister: Trycia, 41-Breeder, Zubowskivich Ranch. Married, 3 children.
    • Sister: Tabyth, 39-Comedian, Stunt Performer.
    • Sister: Thyme(Time), 35-Breeder, Zubowskivich Ranch.
    • Sister: Taurys, 32-Law Enforcement Officer.
    • Sister: Tye, 30-Animal Trainer, Zubowskivich Ranch.
    • Sister: Terhyn(Terran), 29-Student, Veterinary Technician. Married, 1 child.
    • Sister: Thryft, 28-Student, Competitive Swimmer.
  • Relationships
    • Cadet Armeni: Betazoid student in Tash's Junior class at Academy. Ended quite badly, and can be linked to his later problems with accepting telepathic crewmates. Armeni was expelled for breaking several Academy rules and various ethical codes of conduct.
    • Instructor Ka'La: Klingon Martial Arts Instructor at the Academy, Senior year. Relationship undefined. She influenced him greatly, instilling in him respect for the Klingon people and for himself as an individual.
    • Lt. Cmdr. T'Lea: Romulan/Vulcan hybrid, and crewmate. A long lasting tension, not yet pursued for professional reasons. The two are fellow Academy graduates, and have been posted together consistently. *UPDATE* Tash and T'Lea found themselves in a romantic entanglement while on Gaia, lost in the ruins of an ancient jungle. They shared a Vulcan bond for a short time, until T'Lea's anti-telepathy neural-chip began malfunctioning, and cut off their contact.
    • Lt. J.G. Mina ?: Bajoran, a rather manipulative but friendly acquaintance on T'Lea's Science Staff. An on-and-off interest with little commitment.
    • Puhvai: Ambrosian daughter of a Chief of tribal people. Though it was a complicated relationship, they married and gave birth to a daughter before Puhvai's unexpected death.
    • Lt. Cmdr. Cura Assanti-Stone: First Officer of Starbase 118 Operations and superior officer, his relationship with Cura is somewhat illicit, as she remains married to her MIA husband and is pregnant with her husbands child. A mission that took him to the future indicated they would be together and have a child, motivating him to pursue her in the present. Learning to separate the officers from the couple causes some friction, but they persist despite this and the somewhat negative reaction of their friends.
    • Lt. Sariel Locke: Still reeling from his broken bond with T'Lea, Tash had a bought of drinking that left him susceptible to Locke's charms... despite their shared gender. One passionate night and one uncomfortable morning later, Tash isn't quite sure what is in store for them. However, with Locke's accepting New Australian attitude, they have formed a unique friendship in spite of... or because of... their single nocturnal reverie.

Personal History

Tash was born in a quiet town in Indiana, surrounded by corn, horses, and his family. His father died when he was 6, so he has very few memories of him. His heritage is a mixture of Lithuanian, Hungarian, and Irish. He is able to trace his lineage back to the fall of the Soviet Union.

He had a happy childhood. Properly educated, but raised very conservative (comparitive to a strict Christian upbringing). He never had a single sex-ed class, never attended coed dances, and didn't become close to any member of another species until he left for the Academy.

His choice to go to the Academy was considered a scandle by his family. Few members understood his desire to leave home, having always assumed he would continue with the families work, which revolves around Equine skills. However, Tash grew out of the confines of his families traditional lifestyle. He looks on his upbringing as a limitation, and often overcompensates to convince himself and others that he isn't a country-boy. Though his family often infuriates him, there's nothing more important to him. He remains particularly close to his sister Tye.

Competent, but not intellectually gifted, Tash is very physically active. He is fairly uncomfortable around telepaths and empaths (which could make for good in-SIMming-conflict). Rather paranoid when in unfamiliar situations, he isn't easy to surprise. His greatest fear is his own failure, for which he berates himself constantly (whether or not he did indeed 'fail').

During his time at the Academy, Tash was befriended by a female Klingon, the Klingon Martial Arts Instructor. She saw potential in him. He could never pronounce her full name, and so refers to her simply as Ka'La. They spent their evenings practicing combat and shooting in the holodecks. Ka'La was the one to find Tash his lagomorph friend, Atilla the Bunny Hun (Tilly). She compared him and the rabbit as being soft and prey like, and it was quite possibly the nicest compliment she'd ever given him. He keeps in contact with her, and because of this close contact he has good knowledge of Klingon culture, much to the dismay of his mother. He speaks the Klingon language fairly well for a lowly Human, and tends to use it in tense situations.  :)

  • Mission Listing:
    • The Orion Syndicate--Tash's first mission was rather violent, and he was forced to take the lives of several Orion combatants in order to protect himself and his crewmates. This led him to thoughts considering the lives of others, and he feels personally responsable for the death of the ships bartender, Java. He was promoted to Chief of Tactical despite his own reservations as to his abilities.
    • Kaleb IV--Tash, paired with Ensign Gear, took the Rick Husband on an away mission to collect information, but thier ship was intercepted by space pirates. They were taken prisoner and treated rather roughly, but managed to incapacitate the pirate crew. They were 'rescued' by none other than a Romulan ship, and returned safely to the Columbia after being treated as honored guests. They were able to gather vast information despite the circumstances, and gained a grudging respect for one another in the process.
    • Columbia and Victory, Joint Battle of the Kentic--Tash was given a second chance after instigating a fight during a mission briefing and arresting his fellow officer, Lt. T'Lea, under suspicion of being a Kentic spy. He played an intrigal part in rescuing the captured crewmen of several ships, but was ordered into anger-management therapy due to his eratic behavior. The beginnings of possible alcoholic tendancies are uncovered as well.
    • The Delorean Encounter--Tash finds himself growing more comfortable in his position as Chief of Tactical, and forges good relations with the Delorean Lady Matodax LaoR'K. These good relations helped to change the balance of power in the Delorean government for the good of both parties. However, severe injuries brought to surface old demons. The ships Counselor found evidence of mind control, perpetrated years beforehand during his Academy Junior year. Lady Matodax eventually murdered her own father, Lord Tamack, to take majority control and return peace to her people. Though the Deloreans were obviously in no shape to continue their application for Starfleet admission, the people would eventually benifit from the changes in their command structure.
    • The Ambrosian Disaster--The Columbia, called upon to test a new propulsion unit that could reinvigorate star travel, abandons ship due to a disasterous chain of breakdowns during initiation of the project. The escape pods landed under heavy conditions, with the loss of 23 members of the skeleton crew. The surviving members dealt with ferocious weather, cannibalistic pygmies, spiritual 'entities' which could inhabit and control physical bodies, and the native Ambrosian people. Tash, being separated from the rest of the crew with the Captain, found himself drugged and drawn to an Ambrosian princess, Puhvai, who now carries his child. Upon the crews eventual return to the semi-flight-worthy Columbia, news came that Puhvai was with child, and that the Columbia crew would be transfered to StarBase 118 to take control of Operations after the decimating Romulan attack.
    • Assassination of Community Leader Savron--A highly adored man was murdered on the StarBase shortly after the Columbia crews transfer. Not only did the crew have to adjust quickly to their new positions, but they proceeded to hunt for clues concerning the murder. Shapeshifters were found impersonating officers, and though they were rooted out, the murder went unsolved. Unfortunately, it seemed that the murderer(s) had planned the crime in advance, and escaped with hardly a trace. During the investigation, Tash found that due to the biological differences between his and Puhvai's people, thier baby would be born in extremely short order. However, when it came time, the strain proved too much for Puhvai, who died during the birthing of their daughter. Thankfully, Doctor Franks was able to stabilize the baby.
    • Victory Visits StarBase 118--While Tash came to grips with the death of his wife, he was called by CoS Alexander and Victory crewmember Lt. Cmdr. Cura A. Stone to help conduct a clandestine operation to rescue a hostage that had been taken. Locating the 'Raptor', the hostage takers ship, Tash infiltrated and took out of action the three men who had taken Ashley, Cura's apparent twin sister. Having rescued the Damsel in Distress, he found out the truth... that Ashley was actually Cura's clone, and that he had halted a potentially charged situation that put the incognito Queen of Agelius II in danger. He accepted a gift of her gratitude, an heirloom sword of great value to the Agelius people, and in accepting also agreed to act as the Queens Champion in Arms, a part of her Royal Court.
    • Transfer to Constitution--Tash reals from the sudden transfer that sent his former Columbia/Starbase crew across the Federation. In his numb state, he fails to make a stellar first impression in his new role as Chief of Security, and floats through some time before readjusting to his new surroundings. His daughter grew at a fantastic rate, as her half Ambrosian nature dominated her Terran side.
    • Transfer to Starbase 118 Ops--Returning to the Starbase was almost like returning home, though it was in much better condition this time around. The return of his friends, T'Lea and Kwame, helped bring the old Tash out, and he began to flourish in his surroundings.
    • Ending Esogunots 100 Year War--Taking one of two teams to meet with Aeron and Gargon representatives of this warp-capable, non-Federation world, the crew attempts to mend a 100 year old wound of the reclusive cliff dwellers. After making a good impression on the patriarchial Gargon society and their ill King, Tash is tricked away from his team and taken into the wilderness by goons loyal to General Hagon. He is left in the bitter cold Esogunot wilderness, naked and with no technology to save him. Succumbing to hypothermia and near death, he is rescued by an uninvolved Gargon family and returned to his team at the Gargon capital city. The two teams manage to resume talks between the sibling species, and the war is ended after their departure with the wedding of royal youths.
    • Covert Klingon Affair--Still healing from his bought with hypothermia, Tash loses use of his right arm. Surgury restores it from the bone up, but healing is slow, and Tash does not yet trust the new hybrid Klingon doctor, Jarak, with his nano-tech, which could help restore function. Lt. Cmdr. Cura Stone is kidnapped by a rogue Klingon attempting to sieze power, and a covert operation ensues. Tash plays a side part as he heals, coming to a head with Lt. Jacen Fanel even as they succeed.
    • Station Suffers Anti-Telepathy Mobs--Returning from their covert mission, the team re-integrates into the normal crew rotation after secretly transporting back. Soon, the promenade is overcome by anti-telepathic sentiment, and the situation is increased in intensity by the return of Armeni, who intends to finish what she began before.
    • Transfer to USS Indria-A
    • Transfer to USS Constitution-B

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy:
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Current Assignment: USS Constitution-B
  • Duty Post: Chief Security Officer

Awards & Commendations

  • The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement 2: 238301.06.
  • The Nebula Bar: 238301.06.
  • The Silver Palm: 238301.06.
  • The B-Plot Award: 238401.01.
  • The Natasha Yar : 238501.03.


  • 236003.03: Tash is born to Carol and Eugene in Indiana.
  • 236602.11: Tash's father dies. Age 6.
  • Year 2376: Tash makes the decision to go to the Academy to be a Pilot.
  • Year 2378: Tash is given his fathers Ka-Bar, and first attends the Academy.
  • Year 2380: Unfortunately, Tash realizes he isn't getting anywhere at Piloting. Changes studies to Security.
  • Year 2381: Tash barely passes with marks for Science and Math. His Junior year is rather rocky.
  • Year 2382: Assigned to Lt. Cmdr. Idril Mar for final exam, in which they destroy the entire (holographic) ship.
  • 238211.17: Tash officially passes the final exam, becoming an Academy Graduate! Age 22.
  • 238211.22: Official assignment to the USS Columbia, commanded by Captain Mal Avatar!
  • 238212.07: Advancement from Security to Chief of Tactical Operations!
  • 238303.05: Tash is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • 238305.14: Tash is promoted to Lieutenant.
  • 238306.20: Tash is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Transfered from USS Columbia to Starbase 118 Operations.
  • 238307.13: Tash's daughter "Ella" is born. Puhvai's death
  • 238312.20: Tash is assigned to the USS Constitution-B, under Captain Rocar Drawoh-Hilzarie.
  • 238407.29: Transferred to StarBase 118 Ops, under Captain Rocar Drawoh-Hilzarie.
  • 238210.14: Transferred to the USS Indria-A, under Commander Cura Assanti.
  • Date Unknown: Transferred to the USS Constitution-B, under Captain Cura Assanti and then Commander Sam Perkins