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All information contained on this page refers to me and not my characters Brayden Jorey and Denji Ryan.

User Details

I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology and a master's degree in applied social research. I teach performing arts to elementary and high school students, a personal and couples counsellor, and a personal coach focusing on fitness, health, and healthy living. In my spare time I study aikido, do strength and cardio training, play beach volleyball and soccer, and weekends I enjoy the city's nightlife.

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Team Participation
Team Position Dates
Newsies Team Team Member 16/1/2013 - 30/10/2013
Newsies Team Team Member 16/04/2014 - 26/01/20015
Training Team Team Member 17/06/2014 - 26/01/20015
Wiki Operations Team Team Member 18/08/2014 - 26/01/20015
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Featured Bio Contest Facilitator 03/05/2016 - Present

I am the author behind the monthly news article titled Our History, Our Times.

I have also written the article titled Gay: The Final Frontier.

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Contest Wins
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Writing Challenge Runner-Up December, 2012
Featured Profile Winner September, 2013

Character Information


Character Details
Insignia Rank Character Name Posting Assignment
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg LtCmdr Brayden Jorey Tactical Officer USS Darwin-A


Non-Playing Characters
Name Rank Posting Duty Post
Asher ACTIVE USS Darwin-A Civillian
Alana ACTIVE USS Darwin-A Civillian
Denji Ryan Lt. Embassy Counsellor
Marcus Thomas Lt. Embassy Tactical Officer


Kala Laren

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