T'Pari Class

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This article contains info exclusive to the StarBase 118 Universe
  • Class and Type: T'Pari-class Surveyor
  • Commissioning Date: 2250

A Vulcan ship developed as a successor (aesthetically, technologically, and mission-wise) to the Voroth-class Surveyor of the 21st and 22nd centuries, the T'Pari-class Surveyor helped to expand the confines of Federation knowledge (and territory) from the time it was launched in 2250. Equipped with the most advanced sensors and exploration equipment available in its day (including systems allowing it to enter atmospheres and land on planets), it carried mostly Vulcan crews to the farthest reaches of the known galaxy, and beyond.

The main body of the T'Pari was a long central shaft with a trapezoidal cross-section. Attached to the port and starboard sides were structures of similar shape, but with a more square cross-section. These "secondary hulls" ran from about 20 meters aft of the forward edge of the primary hull to a point about two-thirds down the primary hull. Where they terminated aft, a large ring attached to them, encircling the ship. This ring held the warp nacelles to port and starboard, and the impulse engines dorsally and ventrally. Thanks to this configuration, no one knowledgeable in starships could mistake this for anything other than a Vulcan-designed vessel.

Most T'Paris have remained in service with the Vulcans and their government. They have made the design available, by sale or trade, to other parties, including any fellow Federation member, so one could encounter a T'Pari with a crew of, for example, Tellarites. However, given the class' rather cramped quarters and spartan interiors, most species prefer variants of the Antares class instead.

Noteworthy Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • VSS T'Pari: prototype;
  • VSS T'Neran: surveyed Alpha Quadrant asteroid belts (2251-54), visited multiple systems while conducting comparative study of the evolution of both stars and planets (2255-67);
  • VSS Kah'nath: engaged in deep-space mission to reach and study the Galactic Barrier (2259);
  • VSS Kal'cheroth: conducted extensive survey of the moons of Capella III (2262);
  • VSS Sonac: conducted the first survey of the Jenatris Cloud (2268).
This article contains info exclusive to the StarBase 118 Universe