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Stuffed Claka:

  • 6 flattened strips of smoked Claka
  • 3 boiled Savo
  • Puppa to taste.
  • Sea Salt to taste

Spread Claka strips with mashed Savo and a small amount of water. Sprinkle with Puppa, and roll Claka strips around Savo. Steam until ready to eat. Serve with assortment of edible flowers.

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  • Place of Origin: (Bajor, Earth)
  • Preferred Temperature: (hot, cold, 87 degrees celcius)
  • Prominent Flavors: (strawberry, spicy, sweet, tangy)
  • Serving Suggestions: (finger food, ladled into a bowl)
  • Prominent Ingredients: (rice, milk, beef, water)
  • Preferred Meal / Course: (breakfast, dessert, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, meat course, soup)

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