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Stephanie A. Moore


  • Name: Stephanie Abigail Moore
  • Nickname: Sam
  • Race: Terran
  • Position: Tactical Officer
  • Ship:
  • Gender: Female
  • DoB: 236310.31
  • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, Earth
  • Age: 27
  • Telepathic Status: T:1 / E:2
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Stephanie Moore (a.k.a. Sam) is a Tactical Officer


  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 112 lbs.
  • Hair: short, Red
  • Eye: Bluish-Green
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian, freckles
  • Birthmarks/Scars: on her right side, four claw scars just below the ribs
  • Tattoos/Body Mods: none
  • Build: Slender, slight, and toned
  • Face: Narrowed, pointed
  • Carriage: strides, easy
  • Taste in Clothing (Off Duty): slacks and blouse, simple with a touch of elegance
  • Voice: Alto
  • Handedness: Right

Personality & Traits

A Meditative Moment
  • Temperment:
    • Keen, soft-spoken, blunt, occasionally reserved, keeps an open mind but has a low tolerance for what she terms as “political crap”. She can get emotional at times, but keeps it in check. Enjoys learning from others and prefers to keep a level head, never takes anything for granted. Believe in open communication. She has a problem with canine-like species, and perhaps always will initially (due to the Tulanare Massacre), but she recognizes her flaws and strives to overcome them. She knows she’s on the short side. She’s always going to have the claw scars, her body is never going to be one hundred percent, but she doesn’t allow that to stop her from giving all 110%.
  • Habits:
    • Every night she plays violin, identified as a Carrodus [[1]], and meditates before going to sleep (helps to calm, relax herself).
    • Has a tendency to bite her hand between her thumb and index finger.
    • Avoids chocolate so she doesn’t consume it on sight
    • Adheres to a vigorous work-out regime
    • Tries at least one a week to cook a meal
  • Hobbies and Pastimes:
    • Usually Stephanie is working out, constantly trying to get past her trouble spot. All kinds of sports and related fitness activites. She's also a vigorous reader, usually regarding history as well as noted philosophers. She likes gardening, but she's limited to what she can do on starbase. She likes collecting pieces of art, whether paintings or statues and keeps a small collection in her quarters. She listens mostly to classical music and soft piano or violin. A well kept secret is she does play violin, which helps to calm her. She enjoys all physical activities, from swimming, rock climbing, splelunking, sailing, jogging. She likes to meditate as well, spend time on the firing range, study old documents on warfare, with a genuine interest in what others have to say on various topics.
  • Likes and Dislikes:
    • She has a soft spot for bubble baths, candles, poetry and fine art alongside her sword and knives collection. After the accident, she got involved with Yoga and Martial Arts to help her regain control over her body. She'd rather take point over covering the rear, always eagar to lend a helping hand. She's not fond of vulgar humor, or viciousness. She is blunt, though. She doesn’t care for politics at all (despite her father, and possibly her sister) and prefers straight talk. She absolutely loves chocolate, enough to make sure its not lying around, as she’ll eat it. She has a knee jerk reaction to cainine-like species, as her first impulse is to shoot first, which she knows is a flaw. She isn’t the brightest, the fastest, or the best- she knows that.
  • Ambitions and Goals:
    • Having been through both trial and tragedy, Stephanie has rebooted herself and her career, with the aims of getting on with her life and living it to fullest, in her career and in herself. She is in no hurry to involve herself in another serious relationship, nor wants to contemplate that until she’s done mourning her first husband.

Family History


  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Husband: Morgan Lewis
  • Children: None


  • Father: Edward Charles Moore, Ambassador
  • Mother: Lorraine Pearl O'Henry


  • Sister: Rebecca Christine Moore

Personal History

Rebecca & Stephanie

Stephanie and Rebecca were born Halloween night at Seattle General, and because of their red hair were often targeted by their school chums as the "Seattle Witches". As children, Stephanie and her sister were precocious, extremely outward and both cheeky and friendly. Despite the teasing, they were well-liked and like all identical twins, delighted in posing as the other while growing up surrounded by a family that was very much an open, passionate household and a wonderful learning environment. Her mother, Lorraine, was a full time pianist and music conductor with the Opera House. Her father, StarFleet Ambassador Edward Moore, constantly travelled so neither she or her sister saw much of him while growing up.

Like her mother, Stephanie shined with violin beginning at the age of three. Rebecca broke tradition and instead developed her voice to sing. With a primary education that was heavily influenced by music, math, foreign language and design were areas Stephanie excelled in. She had a harder time with the sciences and English. She and Rebecca had several varied and similiar interests, but they were never far apart until finishing their primary education.

Rebecca had no interest in applying to StarFleet Academy. By eighteen, she was already recording and release demo reels promoting her voice. Stephanie was drawn more towards her wayward father and wanted to learn more about StarFleet career paths. She showed up with her father at a recruitment day at the San Francisco facility and was instantly drawn to their Tactical Program. It appealed to her background in music, math and language. Her father wanted her in the Diplomat Program because of Stephanie's background working with foreign language.

To the day, Edward Moore never understood Stephanie's drive to study Tactics and Security, being slighted at 5'3" which in some areas, worked against her. Stephanie learned during the course of her four years at the Academy if she was going to succeed, she had to prove not only was she capable of matching her fellow classmates, all of whom had at least a good five inches or more on her, she could take them down just the same.

Wedding Day

From 2381 through 2385, Stephanie dedicated herself to proving, without any reasonable doubt, height did not matter for either a Tactical or Security officer. During that time, she also met and fell in love with a stubble-chinned Morgan Lewis, one of her classmates and promising Marine/Tactical Cadet. They dated all the way through graduation ceremonies and were married on stardate 238508.15, two months after finishing the Academy. For a wedding present, Edward Moore sent the young couple on a commercial cruise outbound for a resort getaway not far from the Alpha and Beta Quadrant borders, the planet Tulanare. It would be Edward's greatest tragedy as the ill-fated cruise, now referred to as the Tulanare Massacre, fell under attack by a vicious race of canine-bipeds. Morgan Lewis lost his life attempting to quarter the carnivores. Stephanie was slashed open on her right side just below her rib cage and barely survived. All in all, over seventy lives were lost with thirteen survivors. For newly instated Ensign Stephanie Moore, it was a bitter pill as her wounds were treated too late. She still carries the four claw scars on her right side, and the muscle group didn't quite heal right in Medical. StarFleet was ready to issue a Medical Separation. Stephanie fought back, harder than she had ever fought during the Academy, to stop them. She already lost Morgan. She wasn't about to lose her career. So she fought, every waking moment, to reclaim her body. Physical therapy, Yoga, Martial Arts, anything and everything to recondition her body so she could still clear physical.

Instead, StarFleet grounded Stephanie and reassigned her to administrative desk-side duties. She remained there within Tactical Division and focused on healing, both in mind and body, through the course of the next three years. Being on Second Shift helped, as she could use the after work hours to first walk the long stretches down in the engineering bays as a means of improving her cartiovascular system. Once she got to the point where the claw scars didn’t interfere with the walking exercises, she switched to the gym. Pure agony at first. She couldn’t lift a weight to save her life.

Bit by bit, little by little, Stephanie started from scratch. Exercise machines, the treadmills, using two pound weights for overall muscle stretching. The depression of her physical health state she fought the worst. Times came when she felt all of this work would end in nothing, and she resorted to taking long walks around the Promenade within the starbase, to get away from it all and find some means of grounding herself.

She also used the time to deal with the loss of her husband, finding gardens, ponds, artificial waterfalls where she could sit and meditate, sometimes just crying to let it all out- her fears, the depression that overtook her on her physical health, the constant fight to get through it and maybe still have a chance within Starfleet. Those moments helped her through the worst of it, when the depression became overwhelming, when she teared struggling to get five pound weights up in bench presses.

Time. Time, ultimately, is what it took. Two years of pushing herself, two years of grief and building a stronger mental state, getting herself in for grief counseling and found a wonderful, kind Deltan, Dr. Pela Vorsh who immediately helped her build on the foundations of Stephanie’s meditation exercises and encouraged her to take a year off, so Stephanie didn’t attempt to fight a mental war on two fronts- one for her complete well being, and the other struggling to stay on top within Starfleet.

Stephanie finally took a leave of absence, just to focus on herself. She stayed in contact with Dr. Vorsh and went back home to Seattle to spend time with her sister and her family. Rebecca always knew, as they had shared a strong, powerful bond as twin sisters always did. Rebecca confessed she’d been struggling over these years as well, not progressing well with her singing career and had begun looking toward teaching instead. The twins found a newfound connection sharing their lives after being gone so long, spending as much time as they could together.

Toward the end, Stephanie asked Rebecca what she wanted to do with her life. After a soul searching moment, Rebecca said she might look at Starfleet. Their dad thought Rebecca might like joining the Embassy. Stephanie herself found a renewed interest in her chosen field, and was eager to get back, despite still having a slight ache on her side. It was a good year, despite their individual struggles. Stephanie and Rebecca hugged each other tight when the time came to go back, and promised each other never to go so long without keeping in touch.

With that, Stephanie went back to Starfleet, looking forward to a better, more positive and rewarding experience.

Making Ourselves Feel Better

Starfleet Service History

StarFleet Academy

  • Degree: Tactics and Security
    • Minor: Foreign Language, Music
  • 238506.20: Assigned to the USS Harriet
  • 238508.18: Injured while On Leave, Critical Condition

Medical History

Tulanare Massacre Aftermath
  • 238508.18: Physical Injury on Leave, Attacked by an unknown cainoid species
  • 238701.27: Cleared to Return to Duty
  • 239105.27: Personal Leave for Overall Health Improvement