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Mission Summary

Freighter Astrolabe, having suffered warp engine breakdown and carrying medication needed by Romulans in Lambda Hydrae, docks at Starbase 118 for repairs.


  • Astrolabe - Freighter carrying Vitali 7, unruly crew. Captained by Mimgar, with First Officer Klart.
  • IRW N'Vok - Lead Romulan ship, carrying Commodore Ael'Riov Arrenhe i-Mnaeha t'Llweii, head of small fleet holding position outside the station.


  • Commodore Ael'Riov Arrenhe i-Mnaeha t'Llweii - Commanding Officer of the IRW N'Vok, and in charge of the Romulan fleet holding position, uncloaked, outside of Starbase 118. Mate died due to plague she seeks medication for (Vitali 7), compelling her to bring the fleet to 118 to demand the medical be turned over to her.
  • Captain Mimgar - Benzite war hero and captain of the freighter Astrolabe. Likes gambling/poker and often alludes to gambling games when speaking of his current predicament. Purposefully avoided maintenance of the Astrolabe, betting it would break down and prevent the Vitali from reaching plague affected Romulan worlds in time.
  • Commander Klart - Ferengi first officer of the Astrolabe. Having lost his business license, has tried to contact Brek's grandmother on 118 in an attempt to strike a deal for profit and reinstatement of his license. Injured by Mimgar in a skirmish in the upper docking platform when Mimgar attempted suicide.
  • Jiph - Rodulan reporter, works for Quadrant Press Associated. First to get the scoop on the Freighter incident, as well as other interesting stories on the station.

Pertinent Information

  • Vitali 7 - Volatile medication to be used for treating a plague affecting Lambda Hydrae and 2 other worlds. To date, at least 3 planets in the Thracian and Romulan Neutral Zone areas have suffered outbreaks. While legal to transport through Federation space, Vitali 7 cannot be sold, traded, or used there. Expires after a certain amount of time, or when kept in less than desirable temperatures. Once expired, medication becomes a hallucinogenic drug that gives Romulans and Klingons the ability not to feel pain. It is not known if it actually treats anything at all, as it is often used as a last resort for illnesses that would be more effectively treated in other ways.
    • One full case of the medication being transported on the Astrolabe has been missing since the cargo bay of the freighter was first inventoried.
  • The Plague - While no name has been discovered, the illness has claimed hundreds of Romulan/Thracian lives. Symptoms include grey/brittle skin, rashes and boils, and fluid in lungs, for Romulans, but acts somewhat differently in each species it encounters. So far the epidemic has spread to Lambda Hydrae and Agurtha, in the Venturius sector (source: [Vreeya]).
  • Central Standard High - Not to be confused with the timezone, this school is the largest secondary school on Starbase 118. It's also got a tonne of subcultures who practice all sorts of nasty activities like drug running, smuggling, and other interesting things we need not concern ourselves with.