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{{heading|Life & Relationships|Green}}Father:​ Taldar i-Vihellian e-Dari tr’Tuella, Former Governor of Talvath. (Died in Hobus Supernova [2202 - 2387])Mother:​ khre'Riov (Commodore) Rhiella i-Galinar e-Holenal t’Tuella (Died in Hobus Supernova [2214 - 2387])Siblings: Brother:​ Parthen i-Darellian tr’Tuella [226506.03 - present] (currently serving as khre’Riov [Commodore] in the Romulan Republic Fleet) Presumed dead following Hobus SupernovaSpouse:​ Commander James Davis, Starfleet Intelligence (Retired), Deceased [231201.10 - 237504.05]Children:​ Serala (Elizabeth Davis) [Serala has dropped these names order to more fully experience her Romulan heritage]

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