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Ensign Shran is a Science Officer aboard the USS Ronin.


  • Name: Shran
  • Age: 30
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Gender: Male
  • Family
    • Father: Saarkar
    • Mother: V'Deer


When Corvallen pirates had murdered both his parents, he was raised by M'ret, a vice proconsul of the Romulan Empire. He lived in secret with M'Ret on Romulas.

With his life long friend D'Tan at his side, Shran would teach him the works of Sarek, and D'Tan would talk endlessly about the separation of the Romulans and the Vulcans.

He was later involved in the Reunification Project after his adopted fathers defection to Starfleet. It was here he developed his skills as both a councillor and a negotiator.


Although humour is not within the logical radar of Vulcan's, he quite often comes across as dry and witty without knowing he is doing do.

Physical attributes

Has a faint scar on his forehead after he accidentally wandered into a Klingon calisthenics program.

Miscellanies info

Shran writes his own songs on a Vulcan lute (which are horrible) - even other Vulcans hate his music.

Stardates and chronological history

  • Stardate 235607.08: Born on Vulcan
  • Stardate 236102.12: Orphaned on Galorndon Core

Left to die until M'ret picked up the shuttles distress beacon. Raised on Romulas until the age of 13

  • Stardate 236910.20: M'Ret speaks out against the Romulan High Command and is forced to defect to Starfleet.

Now living with D'Tan, a Romulan friend, Shran stays on Romulas and worked on the Reunification project.

  • Stardate 237405.07: Joins Starfleet.

Excelled in most areas with the exception of sports and beer drinking games with the other ensigns. He was always the one to wake up with wet pants and in fingers in a glass of warm water. He has yet to find the humour or logic in this prank.