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Lt.Commander Au Puqbe' Mi Na'asha (Bacskocky) Sheriden served as a communications officer on board Starbase 118 Ops


  • Current Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Misc. Unassigned
  • Species: 1/2 Trill; 1/4 Klingon & Vulcan
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: classified
  • Place of Birth: classified


  • Hair Color: red/blonde/brown mix, mostly red
  • Eye Color: green
  • Height: 5'3

Family History:

  • Mother: Dgra Bacskocky-Dograrianus
  • Father: Thrax
  • Siblings: Batlh Tyrael-Older brother Izual-Twin
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: Joy (vom Leben creation)

Personal History
~comes from a family where duty comes before everything, except family. At least it did until her parents climbed even further in the ranks of the faction that had brought them together. She then spent a good deal of time with her aunts and uncles who, while they were military people themselves, found the children to be precious and took every chance possible to be with them.
~Once she and her twin brother began their tutoring, showed a great interest in the various languages they discussed, and the history of warfare throughout the galaxy's history.
~Once old enough to join the Academy, she did so, and was sure to enroll in anything that interested her. This meant that the engineering class she was required to take but not to pass was pretty much forgotten and only attended twice: the first and last days. Her tutors had recommended she take courses in military intelligence, based off of her great interest in the intelligence related aspects of history. She branched off from that, and majored in intelligence as a whole.
~final training mission. She said her goodbyes to her parents and brothers, and left, flying solo toward her destination. Au never made it.
~course was intercepted by a temporal anomaly of the strangest sort, and she was dropped where she is now.
~Found by Starfleet officials, out on a routine check of the area, she was unconscious and in dire need of medical help.
~brought to Starbase 118, placed in the care of then-medical student Arwen Skycloud. Arwen was not only AuÂ’s doctor for physical problems, but for psychological ones as well. Arwen was somebody she believed she could trust.
~Multiple tests performed, done by a number of doctors, including the then Doctor vom Leben (who has since been discharged from teh profession for illegally 'creating' children in his lab)
~Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, testing out of many classes
~Graduated well before Skycloud
~Met John Sheriden on the Constitution-B; relationship started
~Transferred to the Ronin; reunited with Sheriden, who had been transferred a while before
~United with her daughter, Joy
~Became engaged to John Sheriden

Professional History:
~Graduated from Starfleet Academy
~Served on the USS Tiger as Assistant Security Chief
~Served on USS Constitution-B as Intelligence Chief
~Served on Starbase 118-Ops as Intelligence Chief
~Served on USS Ronin as Assistant in Ship Defenses, concerned mainly with the Tactical side
~Severely injured on a mission to the Thunderheart

Character Data:

  • Previous Ships Served On: Starbase 118-Ops; Constitution-B; Tiger
  • Awards Received:

Rank Upgrades:

  • Ensign:
  • Lieutenant JG: 10/14/01
  • Lieutenant: 01/10/02

Notes: Name is a combination of Romulan, Klingon, Trill and Vulcan, plus the name Bacskocky, and means "Angel Daughter After Dream"; left handed; unlike many of her race(s), Au's mind is not able to be detected, which rather irritates some telepaths Most who have worked under AU have noticed that is is more of a working WITH her than FOR her. While she believes that she should be respected, she gives that same respect to those that work for her. While she was working intelligence, she even went so far as to allow her department to know a good bit of her personal life, apart from the time change issue. Au hates keeping secrets from her senior officers, but because of the nature of those secrets, she cannot tell. So, very few people know of her true background. Quite possibly one of the most stubborn officers in the universe today, when she sets her mind to something it is very difficult to get her to change. In regards to her daughter, she allows very few people to even be near the child, allowing only Ensign Bwashchik to babysit, and Lt Cmdr Sheriden to visit without Au around. her attitude has been described as being like a mother grizzly, especially when she first was united with her daughter.