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Four Letter Code SHED
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Jinoteur IV
Encountered In conflict with the Tholians.
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level X-
List of Named Shedais

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Class 1 Priority Alert

Starfleet Intelligence has designated this species a

Class 1 Priority

"Your concerns are as those of an amoeba, unimportant."
a Shedai greeting.
The Shedai are an ancient species, ones to whom all others are both inferior and childlike.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Taurus Reach Sector (coordinates B27-0002-1300)
  • Proper Name: Jin Tras Novik Giy'navi (Beware the First Ones)
  • Star: It orbits a binary star system with a class O (Violet-White) and a class F (Yellow-White) stars
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 54 million km
  • Companions: It is the 4th of 11 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 8 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Jinoteur IV (First World)
  • Diameter: 14,399 km (8,947 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.11 standard gravity with a density of 5.4
  • Axial Tilt: 12.8%, with normal terran seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 452 days
  • Rotational Period: 27 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 68%
  • Atmosphere: 1.21% is a high pressure with 73% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, 5% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet
  • Terrain: It has a number of large islands.
  • Population: Just over 1 thousand.


The Shedai were an ancient and powerful civilization that flourished around one hundred thousand B.C., when they ruled over the area of space now known as the Taurus Reach.

Shortly after this they discovered the technology that allowed them to create a device simply called the Conduit. It allowed instantaneous travel over impossible distances. As a result they were able to travel to other galaxies and explore.

In Bode's galaxy they settled a colony and conquered a vast region of space. It was here that the Shedai Maker discovered a non-sentient telepathic species living in a volcanic crevasse on a class Y planet. She found their telepathy to be a useful characteristic and changed them to become part of the Shedai Conduit communication network as Kollotuul, or the Voice of the Shedai.

The Shedai apparently shared a master/slave relationship with the Kollotuul. This made them more useful, especially after they had been changed on a genetic level, enhancing the similarities between them and allowed the Shedai to exert direct mind-control over the lower species.

Some time before they left the Shedai Maker led other Serrataal against the Shedai Apostate and the Tkon Empire, who had developed a weapon against the Shedai. Eventually, they ambushed the Tkon's capital system and detonated its star which ended the Tkon threat.

Eventually the Shedai vanished. The Kollotuul who are the prehistoric ancestors of the Tholian species had no idea that their masters had stepped through the Conduit to the Milky Way galaxy. Returning to their original home world to enter into a centuries long sleep, a state of hibernation in which to await a new era where they could rule anew. All they knew was that they were gone.

In 2265, Starfleet's discovery and investigation into the mysterious Taurus meta-genome, (actually the remains of ancient Shedai technology) caught the attention of the Shedai known as the Wanderer. The Wanderer, in the form of black obsidian sentinels, massacred Starfleet forces at the worlds of Ravanar IV, and Erilon, and Klingon forces at Palgrenax before deciding she had to awaken the rest of her people in order to deal with the encroaching species.

Most of the awakened Shedai agreed that the aliens in the Taurus Reach must be destroyed, and on the word of the Shedai Maker launched an assault on the Human and Klingon colonists on Gamma Tauri IV in 2266. In order to contain the Shedai on Gamma Tauri, Starfleet Commodore Diego Reyes ordered the starship USS Endeavour to execute General Order 24, and destroy all life on the surface of the planet with a sustained photon torpedo bombardment.

Meanwhile, on the Shedai "First World" of Jinoteur IV, a Starfleet officer named Vanessa Theriault made first contact with the Shedai known as the Shedai Apostate. The Apostate disagreed with the course of action taken by his race, and destroyed the Shedai Conduit system. This was many years after the Tholians had used it to flee Bode's galaxy and the Seltorians had used it to follow their one time masters.

This robbed the Shedai of their means of interstellar travel and curtailed their threat to other species, as well as causing the entire Jinoteur system to blink out of existence. The Apostate was believed lost with the Jinoteur system.

In 2381, the USS Titan's Avatar compared the Shedai to the current phenomenon the ship was experiencing, the Null.

The "metagenome" resurfaced in 2381. It's data was covertly supplied by the Tholians to Andorian scientists seeking to solve that species' breeding problems. The Tholians' intent was to further aggravate relations between Andor and the Federation, resulting in the former's secession.

The Shedai metagenome was the inspiration for the Federation's ill-fated Project Genesis.

Taurus Reach

TheTaurus Reach was a region of space adjacent to the territory of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire (who referred to the region as the Gonmog Sector), and the Tholian Assembly (who called it the Shedai Sector). This was considered a strategically important sector of space by all three powers in the mid-23rd century. In 2265, the Federation had begun aggressively establishing colonies within the Taurus Reach, and Starfleet commissioned a Watchtower-class starbase (Starbase 47, or Vanguard) in order to support and defend these new settlements.

The Taurus Reach was also the location of the planet Ravanar IV, which was visited by the USS Constellation in 2263, and was the site of the destruction of the USS Bombay in 2265.


The Serrataal were an elite caste of Shedai who were given names, also known as the Enumerated ones. They were members of the Shedai Colloquium and were the only ones who could operate the Conduits. They also controlled the Shedai Sentinels.

A few of these individuals are

Shedai Maker

The Shedai Maker was one of the most powerful and influential of the Shedai Serrataal. In 2266, after thousands of years of hibernation, the Maker, and other Shedai, were awakened by the Shedai Wanderer. She returned to the First World and immediately called a census, discovering that the Apostate was not among the returned Serrataal. She commanded his return to join the Shedai Colloquium.

Shedai Sage

The Shedai Sage held the combined wisdom and the living memory of the Shedai. It was his purpose to maintain a living history of his species and civilization. He was the second of the Serrataal to return to the First World after being awoken by the Shedai Wanderer in 2266. He sided with the Shedai Maker and the Wanderer against the Shedai Apostate, but was no match for him. The Sage fled the First World through a Conduit when the Apostate removed their world's star system from the universe.

Shedai Avenger

The Shedai Avenger was one of the Serrataal Shedai awakened by the Shedai Wanderer in 2266. She had slumbered for aeons within the core of a planet, when roused by the Wanderer's call from the First Conduit. The Avenger transformed herself into a blade of excited particles to cut through the core, mantle and crust to the planet's surface. She erupted as smoke from the planet, which was devastated by the tectonic plate shifts and plumes of magma caused by her wake. She ignored the cries of despair and pleas of mercy from the billions of Telinaruul who took her for a deity of their apocalypse. She tore open a mountain to reveal a Conduit which transported her home to the Shedai First World where she allied herself with the Wanderer and the Shedai Maker.

Shedai Herald

The Shedai Herald was one of the Serrataal Shedai awakened by the Shedai Wanderer in 2266. He had slumbered for aeons under the ocean of a class O planet, dormant for so long that a coral reef had grown around and atop him. When roused by the Wanderer's call from the First Conduit, the Herald transformed from a solid to a liquid state and travelled through the ocean to that planet's Conduit where he was transported home to the Shedai First World. He was the first to return and added his voice to the Wanderer's to call forth the other Shedai.

Shedai Progenitor

The Progenitor was the First Shedai Serrataal, more powerful and revered than all the others. Shedai legends told that the Progenitor was captured by an ancient enemy, and it was this defeat that ultimately led to the Shedai retreating from the interstellar stage.

In 2268, a Mirdonyae Artifact was retrieved from the Orion Ganz and secured in the Vault on Starbase 47. The Shedai Wanderer, imprisoned in another Mirdonyae Artifact, made contact with a being held captive within it, discovering it to be the Progenitor. The Progenitor was disappointed that their civilization had fallen, but was determined to rebuild it.

Shedai Apostate

The Apostate was a male Shedai Serrataal. Aeons ago, the Apostate allied himself with the Tkon Empire to eradicate the Serrataal, a group of Shedai known as The Enumerated Ones led by the Maker. He provided the Tkon with a weapon that could defeat the Shedai, but did not tell them how to activate it because they refused to show mercy to himself and his brethren. The Maker, and her faithful, then ambushed the Tkon's capital system and detonated its star which ended the Tkon threat.

He was awakened in 2266 by the Shedai Wanderer, but refused to join her in eradicating the Taurus Reach of Telinaruul. He saved the USS Sagittarius from destruction on Jinoteur IV by other Shedai, and made contact with Vanessa Theriault, the starship's science officer. He then scattered the Shedai across space and removed the Jinoteur system from space-time to a pocket universe to keep its technology from the other Shedai.

In 2268, he led Lieutenant commander Bridget McLellan and Cervantes Quinn, who were working for Starfleet Intelligence, to his pocket universe. He appeared to them as a giant angelic figure and showed them the activation device to the Tkon weapon so that they may defeat the Serrataal. He explained that he was unable to complete the task himself as he was dying, having used his strength to create the pocket universe. His last words before his dissolution were: "I give you the flame. Use it well."

Shedai Wanderer

The Wanderer was a female Shedai Serrataal. In 2265 on the planet Erilon, the Wanderer was awakened from an aeons-long slumber by a Starfleet landing party from the USS Endeavour. She attacked the ship and crew, killing most of the landing party, including Captain Zhao Sheng, with a Shedai Sentinel. She then travelled to planet Palgrenax via a Conduit and attacked the Klingon colony there, eventually destroying the planet.

In 2266, the Wanderer returned to the First World, Jinoteur IV, and awakened other Shedai by calling to them through Conduits. She amplified her call through captured Tholians, whose race had been engineered by the Shedai from an inferior species to act as telepathic communication nodes. Of the Shedai she awakened, only the Apostate resisted her calls. He removed the Jinoteur system from space-time, scattering the Shedai and disconnecting the Conduits, trapping the Shedai on the worlds they fled to. Only the Wanderer remained free, as she was capable of interstellar travel without the Conduits.

She later destroyed Mirdonyae V after Shedai technology was activated there by a Klingon science team

In 2267, the Wanderer discovered a Mirdonyae Artifact on Golmira, but it was taken from her by a Starfleet team from the USS Endeavour and returned to Starbase 47-Vanguard. She attacked the station and ripped her way through it to the Vault where the crystalline artifact was held. Before she could kill the two scientists studying it, Ming Xiong and Carol Marcus, Xiong activated the device which trapped the Wanderer inside.

In 2268, the Mirdonyae Artifact containing her was transferred to the USS Lovell for study. During an attempt at communicating with her, The Wanderer broke out of her crystal prison, destroyed the Lovell's secondary hull and killed four crew members, including First officer, Commander Araev zh'Rhun, and Starfleet Corps of Engineers officer, Lieutenant Kurt Davis. She fled after being attacked by the USS Sagittarius, and vowed to return with other Shedai to destroy her enemies.

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They seem to have evolved to the point where they can alter their physical form at will. Some have been seen as a cloud of smoke, others as a liquid and even as atomic particles.


The Shedai were not confined to a single body. They seem to have evolved to the point where they can alter their physical form at will. Some have been seen as a cloud of smoke, others as a liquid and even as atomic particles.


The Shedai apparently shared a master/slave relationship with the prehistoric ancestors of the Tholian species, who they called "Kollotuul". The two races had certain similarities in their genetic structures, allowing the Shedai direct mind-control over the lower species.

An examination of ancient texts would seem to indicate that the Shedai treated all other species as inferior and as such only worthy of existance as long as they served the Shedai.


Unknown at this time but it is highly unlikely that they have any form of religious beliefs. They tend to view themselves as the ultimate, evolved life form.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time. There has never been any prolonged contact between them and any species except the Tholians. What ever records that they might have had regarding this aspect of the Shedai species was lost when they were forced to flee from the Seltorians.


Unknown at this time. There has never been any prolonged contact between them and any species except the Tholians. What ever records that they might have had regarding this aspect of the Shedai species was lost when they were forced to flee from the Seltorians.


Unknown at this time. There has never been any prolonged contact between them and any species except the Tholians. What ever records that they might have had regarding this aspect of the Shedai species was lost when they were forced to flee from the Seltorians.


Over a hundred thousand years ago they perfected a type of long distance transportation device called the Conduit. This allowed them to travel instantly accross impossible distances. Even from one galaxy to another.


Currently they do not seem to need one.


They do not have or need one. A single Shedai is more than capable of attacking and destroying most Federation ships and stations with very little difficulty.

Federation Intelligence Files

In 2265 Starfleet awoke one of the Shedai. This being soon attacked killing most of the away team before continuing to attack and destroy a couple Federation and a Klingon colony. They are to be treated as extremely dangerous and Starfleet Command is to be notified IMMEDIATELY if any are contacted. This directive also applies to any ancient technology or physical structures that may be discovered.


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