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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code SRPE
Federation Status
Planet of Origin
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level
List of Named Serpentais

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  • Proper Name: Serpentai
  • Pronounciation: (Ser-pen-ty)
  • Catalog / Common Name: Serpens

Classification: RS Restricted

The Serpentai are a group of space-dwelling entities composed largely of an energy matrix with a few trace elements. In appearance, they look like translucent white snakes with frills just behind the head. Average size is 750-1000m long.


Destroyed, supposedly, near the Trill Homeworld.


The Serpentai are composed of a highly organized energy matrix, with certain organic molecules in suspension (as it were), believed to help organize the matrix as a whole and to allow energy transfer within the individual organism (on the analogy of biological processes). This energy pattern has certain striking similarities to the energy used among Hallian empaths/telepaths, as well as the Canar crystals the Hallians use to enhance their telepathic abilities. It is this connection that led to the detection of the Serpentai species.

Being largely energy-based lifeforms, the Serpentai "feed" on EM radiation (often by "basking" in the light of a particular star). Some studies have suggested that certain bands of the EM spectrum are more attractive to the Serpentai palate than others, but this has not been confirmed. It is uncertain whether Serpentai have sex distinction or not.

Special Characteristics

An individual Serpens is able to generate a low-level subspace field. When enough Serpentai get together, they are able to combine their individual fields to make a subspace bubble and thus move at warp speeds. These groups (usually of 15-30 individuals, called "knots") can achieve speeds of approximately warp 7, and to the outside observer seem to be moving with an undulating or rippling form of motion.


The Serpentai seem to be connected by a telepathic link; it is uncertain whether the link extends only to the "knot" that an individual is a member of, or to the species as a whole. The result is the creation of a truly collective mind (unlike the hive mind of, say, the Borg). Still, the Serpentai have difficulties making the distinctions between the community and the individual that most humanoid species find natural. Beyond this basic information, little is known about the social structures of the species.