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Sencha Radiation

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Sencha Radiation is a broad and narrow band radiation discovered by Sencha Niac in SD: 235011.22. The resulting explosion killed its finder instantly.


Sencha radiation affects near subspace, altering it and creating a reaction in normal space. Matter directly affected by Sencha radiation enters a close to normal space phase state, which reacts explosively with normal matter, producing devastating explosions even with minimal amounts of mass.

These explosions, due to their link with subspace, can even rupture spacetime if there is enough concentration of Sencha Radiation in a given point of space, creating ribbon-like fractures with specific points in the past. Yet these time portals are unstable and eventually collapse in on themselves after a certain lapse of time.

Most of Starfleet's current shields and plating seem unable to stop the effects of Sencha radiation, minimizing its effects only slightly.

Effect on Organic Beings

Sencha radiation particularly affects telepathic beings and Andorian antennae. In both cases, it induces disorientation and a sense of disassociation. These effects appear even in the interior of a starship, regardless of hull and shield structures.

Sencha Wave Weapons

The Lattice Alliance, a xenophobic alliance of Tholian and Sheliak have pooled their technology to use weapons based on this radiation, using crystalline technology Tholian has allowed them to focus and amplify the effects of the radiation, creating cannons and blast weapons of a destructive power seldom seen before. The USS Ronin first encountered this type of radiation in the 2400 and barely escaped the conflict in one piece.