Sandhurst Cup

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The Sandhurst Cup is the premier racing championship of the Colonial Coalition Racing League in the Shoals. Sponsored by Clyde Taggert, the Sandhurst Cup is a grueling endurance and speed test that covers a wide range of trials along the route.

Initial Segments of the Race

  1. The race begins with a straightaway sprint designed to push a ship's acceleration and stability at warp to the limit.
  2. The racers drop out of warp at the first marker and enter the twisty neutrino chicanes at maximum impulse.
  3. After the neutrino chicanes, the ships enter one of the most challenging sections of the course, the Scylla Pass, a swirling mire of plasma storms and ionic eddies.
  4. After the pass is another high warp straightaway.
  5. Next is a low orbit slingshot around the super gas giant Ipsis VII. The main hazards here are the planet's sixty-seven moons and the variable gravity that can wreak absolute havoc on a ship's navigational systems. A dozen ships were severely involved in a deadly crash at Ipsis VII during the 2384 race.

Past Winners