SIM:Neera Tamisit & Kona - Flirtation

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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238612.24

((The Mess Hall, Starbase 118))

::The Bolian Neera Tamisit had just woken up and decided to eat breakfast at Kona’s restaurant. She had never been in Starfleet, so it was not for the ambiance that she was going there. It was so she could see and talk to Kona.

As she walked into The Mess Hall she spoke in her smooth, sultry voice.::

Tamisit: Hey, Kona.

::Kona turned around sharply at her voice, nearly burning himself with his “Spicy, Cajun-style Plomeek Soup” that he was preparing for lunch.

Looking to the left of his tiny kitchen, his brown eyes met with her black eyes.::

Tamisit: oO He’s so gorgeous. Oo

::Kona found her eternal enthusiasm for him to be sickening.::

Kona: ::dryly:: Hello, Neera.

Tamisit: Oh come now, Kona. That’s no way to greet someone.

Kona: oO I said “hello” didn’t I? Oo

Tamisit: Anyway, I’ve come for breakfast.

Kona: ::surprised:: You’ve just now woken up? It’s nearly lunch!

Tamisit: Why can’t a girl sleep-in a bit?

Kona: oO “Sleeping-in” is a few hours, not half a day. And why must she always wear evening makeup during the *day*? Oo ::smiling disingenuously:: Well, you’re in luck: today is hot fish juice.

::She smiled.::

Tamisit: It smells good.

::It was not that she was not beautiful, on the contrary, she was unusually attractive; however, she pursued Kona even when he gave her every signal that he was not interested. She had pursued him for months, nearly as long as he had been on the base. At first he had been patient with her, but now, she was just a nuisance -- finding every excuse to walk past his restaurant, to see him.::

::It was not that Neera did not know Kona was not interested, it was just that he was so attractive, and she continued to hold out hope he would one day reciprocate her feelings.::

::Her eyelids -- smoky with black eye shadow and long, thick black eyelashes that only she could pull off during the day -- batted as she look down into the large pot to carefully ladle out what little hot fish juice was remaining.::

Kona: oO Oh, why am I so mean? Oo

::...perhaps she *would* get Kona after all...::

Kona (PNPC)

Chef & Owner of The Mess Hall

Starbase 118


Neera Tamisit (PNPC)

Civilian -- Occupation Unknown

Starbase 118