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((Main Shuttlebay, Deck 4, USS Astraeus))

Once the sliding doors opened and the shuttle went through the force field to hover for a few seconds and land with added help with the crew and their tractor beam inside the bay, the small craft landed safely inside.

Greyson: Wow...

Galven: Did you see how massive the ship is? I mean it has to be with 42 complete decks.

Greyson: I can’t wait to see how smoothly the computer runs now. One of my experimental programs from the academy actually worked on these systems.

As German jumped out of his seat and proceeded out into the room, he turned back to a panel on the wall which showed where and what was on each deck. He noticed that there were quarters on the deck he was on, science labs on deck 5, and… he did a few double takes.

Galven: Where should we go first?

Carter took a look at the same panel. His eyes widened slightly as he got taken in by the massive MSD, and the layout. It seemed a bit much to process all at once, but they still had a few days before they shipped off. This would be the time to get to know their vessel a little better.

Greyson: Engineering? Or our quarters to drop stuff off?

Galven: Computer. Locate the crew’s quarters.

Computer: Confirmed. Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4, Deck--

Galven: Pause computer!

German smiled wanly and then scratched his ridges along his forehead.

Galven: Maybe we should just give ourselves a tour deck by deck?

Greyson: That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

The Denobulan chuckled and then waved Carter to follow him to the turbolift. Once inside German took a moment to figure out where the Human would like to get to see first and since he had said engineering first, then that would be as good as any of a place to start.

He turned to the man and saw him lost in thought.

Galven: Everything alright, Lieutenant?

Greyson: Oh, nothing. Just remembering the first time Captain Mei’konda talked to me about the Astraeus’s computer problems… He was a lieutenant commander at the time, though.

Galven: ::arches an eyebrow:: Well. let’s hope there’s nothing to worry about now. Let’s head down to engineering. See how well Harkrow and the other yellow shirts are doing.

((Main Engineering, Deck 36, USS Astraeus))

It was a bit of a ride, but still pretty quick. Both German and Carter didn’t talk much along the way. German was more paying more attention to the wall layout of the turbolift’s direction as it was seen moving on the wall where it was going. Once it reached the destination, the doors slid open.

Galven: My Denobula… It’s massive in here…

Harkrow: Oh, I dunno, it’s only about twice as big as Main Engineering on the Montreal. Well, if you don’t include the upper and lower sections, anyway. Or the utility areas. Or… OK, it's kind of enormous, yeah.

German half chuckled as he was looking around the room with his mouth open. He was seeing crew members walking to and fro from the upper and lower sections, then people coming out of places that he didn’t see before. And yet, there still was room to walk around.

Pierce: Largest I've seen, except for the main room on the Midway Repair Station.

Greyson: I’ve served aboard a vessel like this before. I’ll help you find everything.

Sotak: I think you will find, Lieutenant Greyson, that the engineering crew are quite adept at making sense of a “mess”, as one put it. Although a somewhat incorrect evaluation, I agree on the sentiment.

Pierce: I'll know this ship like the back of my hand in a matter of hours, you'll see. :: She joked with a serious note about the boast in her mind.::

There was something to consider for German for himself as his department. The science labs weren’t just on one deck, but quite a few of them which was true of the classrooms as well. He noticed Miskre walking over and then leaned against one of the bulkheads. She looked like she’s been having a lot of fun.

Swenhart: Chief, the primary engineering support systems are beyond impressive.

Harkrow: I haven't had a chance to go over all of them yet, but so far I'm inclined to agree. Triple-redundant optronic relays, self-correcting diagnostic algorithms, fully-automated plasma manifold descalers? I’m not even sure we’re going to have anything to order misbehaving crewmen to go and scrub.

Sotak: If the point is only to set a punishment for misbehavior, you can always program the holodeck to recreate the Montreal’s Main Engineering, although it would be quite a pointless endeavor if I am honest.

What in the world were the people talking about, German didn’t know. Well, he was slowly learning the engineer language which reminded him about the Linguistics lab. There were a few of them he wanted to check out and see before going out stargazing and whatnot.

Pierce: If your gonna use the holodeck you could bring up any sort of grime or mess to make them clean.

Greyson: :: Chuckling. :: We may have to order them to polish your chair instead.

Swenhart: Would be fun to ride the warp core. What are you doing here, Dr. Galven?

The Dokkaran got a few strange looks from that comment even by a few passing crewmen. German smirked at the thought about when they meet Por’kus. The Denobulan finally got himself under control regarding his attention span and turned to Sotak.

Galven: I’m just soaking it all in, really.