SIM:Adarnis - Drinking Games, Part One

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Lt. T'Lea Historian & Archaeological Specialist USS Constitution- B

& MC Dade Adarnis Platoon Leader Winter Company USS Constitution- B

(( Ten Forward, USS Constitution- B ))

:: There was T'Lea happily drowning her self-pity in a second bottle of Bloodwine when none other than the smelly, pheromone fiend, Dade Adarnis, sunk himself in the seat across from her. Like he owned Ten Forward or something, she slightly sneered at him as he examined the bottle she was drinking. She would have reached out and snapped it from him, but she was afraid she'd miss and touch him.::

Adarnis: Bloodwine?

T'Lea: Finally learn to read, did you?

:: She pivoted her gaze out the window and took a swig of the awful Klingon drink.::

T'Lea: Do you actually need something or are you here just to annoy me.

Adarnis: Not at all; I get kicks out of being transported suddenly; adds a bit of flavour to life in the 25th Century.

:: T'Lea grunted something in respond and hid an amused grin behind her glass as she took another sip. Either he was looking better with age or she was really getting wasted.::

:: The waiter deposited a bottle of whiskey on the table for the Marine to which he picked up the glass, filled it up and started to drink.::

Adarnis: Come on then, what's so awful Bloodwine's the only cure?

:: With a sloppy hand she nabbed the neck of the Bloodwine bottle and refilled her glass. She then gave him a silent stare over the top of her glass while taking another purposefully hard chug that drained that liquid completely. Once that was done she slightly cocked her head and eyebrow at him to make a final point. She wasn't about to cry to him about anything. Ever again.::

T'Lea: I don't want your sympathy.

Adarnis: I'm not here to feel sorry for you. ::whiskey was gorgeous:: Suck it up and get on with it. No matter what's wrong with you, there's always someone in the Universe worse off.

:: Suck it up and get on with it, T'Lea softly chuckled to herself. That's just it… there was no getting on with it, except the dying part.::

T'Lea: Aw, now you're just trying to make me feel better. I don't want your advice either.

Adarnis: Realism never did anyone any harm. ::he held out the glass to her:: Whiskey has got to be better, come on.

:: She gave him a confrontational glare and eyed the tiny shot glass in his hand. There was no way she could take the glass without making physical contact. She had to refuse.::

:: He was right though. Targ pee was better than Bloodwine. She silently opted for a refill of Bloodwine, which sloshed a bit on the table when she poured it.::

T'Lea: I'll finish what I started. ::mumbling loud enough for him to hear.:: Unlike some people, I know…

:: Dade held up his hand defensively, but clearly laid back.::

Adarnis: I'm not here to argue. I've had enough of that; I just want a drink with a friend. If that turns into a shot competition then I'll gladly comply.

:: Friends. They could never be friends. She could have a thousand mates after him and they would always be more than just friends. That was the problem. Dade was the problem. If she couldn't touch him, if she couldn't slam him down on the table and have her way with him, she'd drink him under it, and then go find somebody she could have her way with.::

:: fast forward ::

:: The Romulan hybrid tossed back another shot and slammed the glass down on the table. She was drunk. Totally and completely wasted out of her ever-lovin-mind. ::

T'Lea: …and that's why the Marines suck. That's why you suck. That's why your whole squad, troop, pack, or whatever you call it, sucks. Ha.

:: Dade cocked an eyebrow in her general direction, his focus now lacking due to the alcohol content of his bloodstream, and took another drink of whiskey before snatching the bottle.::

Adarnis: It's a company, Romi and we do not suck. ::he took on a pseudo-post accent:: In fact we are the furthest thing from sucking. Starfleet sucks. Mightily.

:: She dropped her elbow heavily against the table and set her chin on it to give him a good hard look.::

T'Lea: How many?

:: He looked at the table.:: Adarnis: Two bottles of Whiskey and three Bloodwine…

T'Lea: Pfft… no, not that. I'm still a full bottle of bluckwine ahead of you. How many women?

:: He was confused and showed said confusion by having another drink as he asked the question.::

Adarnis: Well, I'm a man and you're a woman, so one.

T'Lea: How many women did you sleep with when you thought I was dead. It's nota complicated question, jarhead.

:: He closed his eyes for a moment then leant back in the booth and picked up his cigarette pack from the table, lighting one.::

Adarnis: Why'd ya wanna know?

:: Her chin slipped off her fist, but she managed to catch her head from nose diving onto the table. She swiped another shot glass and mixed a concoction of Whiskey and Bloodwine together like a mad scientist.::

T'Lea: Because weeeeeeeee broke up remember -- something about our inability to control the thing we do… and you have the sex drive of a Deltan, and Human, which, if I do the math correctly puts your numbers in the…

:: She stuck her finger in her shot glass and swirled the two liquids together.::

T'Lea: … how many days have we been apart? Never mind, that's not important.

:: She sucked her finger clean and then saw to the demise of the whiskey-bloodwine concoction with a ugly, horrible scowl of disgust on her face.::

T'Lea: Oh, frell me. That tastes like dren. You gotta try it.

:: The mix of alcohol flowed into her shot glass and the vapors made her turn her nose away.::

T'Lea: I mean, with the pheromone thing working for you, the numbers have got to be up there. Right? There's a chick at the bar eyeing you now… whatsherface. Chase, Lace, Mace…

Adarnis: Alright – None.

T'Lea: Liar. Ha. Liar. ::subduing:: Why none? What's wrong with you, jarhead? Did I break you?

:: Rolling his eyes, he downed another glass, felt the effects as he had been for the past hour, as if all the alcohol he had drunk had bypassed the stomach and gone straight to the filling tank in the brain.::

:: He shrugged his shoulders.:: Adarnis: Had the offer, didn't snap her hand off for it though. I could've, but chose not to.

:: Chugging back her drink she forgot that she actually made it for Dade. Using the back of her hand she wiped her mouth and leaned across the table toward him intent on saying the words that were pecking at her brain.::

T'Lea: Frell… I did break you.

:: She fell back in her seat and grinned.::

T'Lea: So why? Why pass on it… her. It?

Adarnis: Didn't feel right. Always trusted my gut, never… ::he made some sort of motion with his hand:: …steered me wrong before. Was a near miss though, she was a bit of alright.

:: The Romulan hybrid laughed at him and pointed.::

T'Lea: I was right…. C'mere…

:: She called him over with her slinky finger. Elbows on the table, alcohol under them, they were leaning across the top, not touching, but T'Lea's mouth was right next to his ear and she whispered…::

T'Lea: You suck.

:: … and then dropped back in her seat with a sly smirk.::

:: Dade didn't hide the small grin on his lips as they pulled back to either side of the table. She was plastered and he was on his way to plastered land too. His backside hit the seat again and he tapped the foot of his boot on the floor. A grimace emerged when he looked at the glass in her hand.::

Adarnis: You can't drink that, it's bloody lethal.

T'Lea: Seriously, bloodwine and whiskey… disgusting. Try it.

:: The shot glass slid across the table, nearly falling off the edge before he caught it.::

:: Hitting him square in the palm. Lifting it up, he examined the contents slowly and let his eyebrow rise in a question of taste, rather than sanity. It was a cocktail; the kind that would blow your lid off. The kind her would usually drink if he was looking to get utterly wasted beyond comprehension. ::

Adarnis: Bottoms up.

:: She watched him closely as if everything he did was interesting, beautiful and perfect. She still had feelings for him -- that had never changed. Even with the telepathic inhibitor blocking their bond, she still felt the same insane way for him. Maybe that was what was killing her and not the stupid implant.::

:: Downing the shot, Dade immediately regretted it as the slimy discoloured liquid touched every nerve ending that ran down his oesophagus. Every taste bud, every small nerve reacted and jumped up and down, having a party, loud music and drugs – the lot. He tossed the shot glass back down on the table so it rolled on its side, hitting itself on the nearly empty bottle.::

Adarnis: That was.... disgusting.

:: Drunk on the outside, but on the inside of that Vulcan skull T'Lea was coherently considering telling him everything, from where she'd been, to where she was going, to why they couldn't be together. The words were right there on the tip of her alcohol laden tongue ready to be professed when a shot from out of nowhere split her headache so wide open that she thought a hatchet had caught her right between the eyes.::

:: Through the taste that was lingering on his tongue and down the back of his throat, Dade smiled at his drinking companion but frowned at her. She was in pain; he couldn't feel it, not like other empaths could but he knew it all the same. He leant on the table between them and attempted some form of a joke..::

Adarnis: You alright? Getting to you already is it? Mixing drinks is a killer, you'll be lucky if you get off with a hangover.

:: The hybrid suddenly hunched over the table and pinched at the bridge of her nose in pure pain. It had the double impact power that the telepathic encounter with Cura and Della had. Something, somebody was assaulting her and it was aggravating the inhibitor. Little did T'Lea know her pain had surfaced at the same time Tash and Della were at the height of their issues.::

T'Lea: I'm fine. Bad headache.

:: It didn't look like just a headache. Dade was still pretty drunk and his brain wasn't jumping to alerts, but as T'Lea moved, he knew this wasn't just a run of the mill hypospray headache on its way, rampaging through her head. He stood up as she did, nearly knocking over the half empty bottle of Bloodwine as the table rocked.::

:: She was getting up, and luckily managed to see Dade attempt to reach out and steady her, or grab her, or whatever his drunk hands were going to do. A quick side step gave her the distance she needed to avoid his touch and put her hip painfully into the side of a table.::

T'Lea: I said, frell off!

:: With that she was heading for the exit and knocking over a few empty chairs on her way out.::


Lt. T'Lea
Historian & Archaeological Specialist
USS Constitution- B

& MC Dade Adarnis
Platoon Leader
Winter Company
USS Constitution- B