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Last revised on 238201.10, by Nathan Baker.


Disclaimer 1

These By-Laws do not in any way circumvent the UFOP Constitution. They are merely to show how the SCE: 118 Division is organized.

Disclaimer 2

Any new technology mentioned in the SCE Annual Technical Journal or discussed by our members CAN NOT be used in ANY SIM without FIRST being approved by the CC, and THEN being approved by the Captain. So, even though the CC says, "Yes, it's okay to use a phaser potato peeler," your Captain might not be so enthused by that idea.


  1. Forums: The SCE uses web-forums for the posting of ideas, for the voting process, posting articles and asking questions. They can also be used for planning SCE-wide events, such as conferences. They are under the supervision of the SCE Moderator.
  2. Website: The SCE's website is used to explain the purpose of the SCE to visitors. It will also be updated regularly and include a list of the current Board of Directors (outlined in section B: a list of all current members, web links, current events in the SCE, the current issue of the Tech Journal, and a general history of the SCE. It is run by the SCE Webmaster.
  3. YGroup: If needed, the SCE will start a YGroup. The purpose of said YGroup would be to post letters to the members from the fleet liaison about website updates, group chats, upcoming votes, etc. It would be under the supervision of the SCE Moderator.


  1. SCE Chairperson: In general command of the Corps of Engineers of Starbase 118 and its immediate area. Would have to be at least a full Lieutenant. Directs or delegates leadership of various SCE activities (i.e. publications, reports, forums and/or web page creation, ext.)
  2. SCE Fleet Liaison: Next in charge of the SCE. Acts as a liaison between the SCE, the Captains and Executive Council, and the rest of the fleet. Is in charge of recruiting new members into the SCE. Is in charge of communication to SCE members about upcoming votes, group chats, website updates, ETC. Must be at least a Junior Grade Lieutenant.
  3. SCE Webmaster: in charge of the creation and maintenance of the SCE's website. Needs to have good working knowledge of the web and the creation of webpages. No rank requirement. Will also be a part of the Webmaster Team, to ensure that the new websites follow any standards that have been developed, etc.
  4. SCE Moderator: In charge of the creation and maintenance of the groups forum and/or YGroup. Previous knowledge of web hosting is helpful. Must be at least a full Lieutenant
  5. SCE Continuity Advisor: An experienced engineer who keeps track of new ideas brought up by members. Keeps a database of said ideas so that, later on, new ideas are less likely to "clash" with old ideas. No rank requirements but holder of position should be an experienced simmer.


  1. All things brought up to the Board of Directors, which is outlined in section B, will be open to general discussion by all members of the SCE. The Chairperson, or Fleet Liaison in the absence of the Chairperson, may call an end to the discussion after he or she feels that all points have been addressed, at which point a vote will be taken from all members wishing to vote. Tally shall be kept by the Fleet Liaison. The Chairperson may not vote.
  2. Should there be a tie in the voting or a dispute of the final vote, the Chairperson shall have the final say.


  1. Full membership is open to all Current or Former Engineers in good standing on their ship. Associate membership is available to all Non-Engineering members of UFOP in good standing aboard their ships. Applicants must have at least 3 months of simming experience.
  2. Members must act courteous to all members of the UFOP. They must refrain from cursing, putting down others, making lewd comments to or about other members, and misuse of the group’s forums and/or YGroup. Failure to do so would lead to suspension from the SCE.
  3. Above all, members are to have fun.


  1. Tech Journal: The SCE will publish an annual Tech Journal to the website as well as mailed out to the members. It will contain articles by members, what's going on in the SCE, research papers, as well as other things.
  2. Group newsletter: On a monthly basis, the SCE will publish a small newsletter to be mailed to the members. It will contain what's happened in the past month in the SCE, announcements, upcoming chats, and new members.
  3. Other publications: Members of the SCE may write research papers, both alone and in collaboration with others. The group may decide to publish these in the Tech Journal, and maybe submit them to the Reporter for fleet-wide distribution.
  4. Engineering Duty Post Website: In conjunction with the Website Developmet Team, the Webmaster will put together a Website to help potential or current Engineers with how to SIM as an Engineer and other helpful information.