Russel Heston

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Ensign Russel James Heston is currently serving as an HCO Officer aboard the USS Ronin.


  • Full name: Russel James Heston
  • Age: 28
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 6'


  • Parents: Russel Heston (Father), Helen Heston (Brother)
  • Siblings: James Heston (alive)
  • Spouse: Carmen Esclantez (Spouse, Divorced)
  • Children: Charles Heston (son), Christopher Heston (son)*

Wife has custody of his children.

Chronological History

Colorful is one way to desribe Russel. He was born in Mesquite,Texas. His family was not scientists or military personel. Heck they werent even explorers, His father was a replicator repairman, His mother worked at a replimat.

Russel grew up both physically and emotionally abused by his parents. He fought with his brothers, fought in school. One thing he did excell at was languages. He knows almost every insult in every major spoken language, (He speaks Cardassian and Klingonease Fluently.) He owes that to his discovery of Computers.

He has tried his hand, and failed at alot of varried careers, He has a Medical Assistiant certification from some time spent working in a Dallas Hospital, He has a degree in Lingustics from Starfleet Academy, (His first time around), He has High Security Clearences due to a stint as a Strategic Operations officer while at an Embassy and posses a class four Astrogaters clearence due to a stint as an Operations Officer.

Russ has spent time in and out of the brig. He has never gotten passed Ensign, he was up for Lieutenant Junior grade but those dreams were dashed when he struck his superior officer. The more recent was when his last commanding officer brought him up for charges, Conduct Unbecomming an officer. He spent six months in Autrillia for it.

he story about Russel is Potential, possibly wasted potential but potential none the less. He is a person who will always do the right thing because its what he feels the right thing to do is. That has a habbit of conflicting with what regulations say. He refuses to quit fleet though, because quitting would mean that everything in his life has been a complete waste and thats something he refuses to accept that.