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((Medical Center-Sickbay-Deck 500-Starbase 118))

Alexander has talked with Dr. Johanna MacLaren about the options of a bionic replacement limb and the genetic growth procedure of a new limb. Doctor MacLaren has explained the risks of both options, He looked to Jade, thought about the situation as it is. It would be a very diffcult one to make, but the more he thought about it, the more dertimined in his mind that he will walk again and continue on with his life. He looked back to Doctor MacLaren with the answers for his future.::

Matthews: I'm sorry, forgive me. I have been cooped up in a bed for a few. I'm ready to get moving. ::Looking down where his left leg should be.::

MacLaren: Eh can understand that.

Matthews: ::Looking back up to MacLaren.:: How long is the rehabilitation after the procedure?

MacLaren: Again, because this is something new, Eh canna say exactly. However, ye willna be completely incapacitated during the rehabiliatation process. If all goes weel, ye can go back to work as soon as you are stable on the limb and continue rehabilitation until it is fully functional.

Matthews: ::Smiling.:: Thank you Doctor. If possible is there a way that Doctor Velana can be informed of what is taking place ? After all she is the CMO on my ship.

MacLaren: Absolutely. Eh will contact her right away. Meanwhile, we can have you about it a Grav-chair, unless ye'd prefer crutches. I think the chair might be more comfortable; actually ye can have both if ye want to get up and walk around and then rest. No sense sitting about here in the sickbay. In fact, there is a party tonight in the Holo-center. You and Jade might enjoy it now that ye have a better idea of what lies ahead.

Matthews: ::He thought about the situation with crutches.:: Both would be fine, thank you Doctor. Not to be rude, but really tired of looking at the bulkheads of a Sickbay. ::He looked into MacLaren's eyes.:: I understand that you are going out on a... Pardon the pun, limb. I thank you for the options. ::Thinking to himself about his past adventures, but now with this facing him, Jade and the baby. There was only one option, he looked at MacLaren.:: I will be ready when you are doctor.

MacLaren: Eh'll do my verra best for you, Commander.

Matthews: Please proceed. ::He looked to the one woman that knows him better than anyone, he could see the face of Jade as he closed his eyes as Doctor MacLaren took the matrial she needed from what was left of his left leg.::

Alexander just looked up at the ceiling as he thought to himself what will his shipmates think and say when they see him in this condition, but that will not be the main concern to him. Alexander's main concern is how he will react to his new leg when finished. He did know one thing that he would go to the party in his dress whites. After MacLaren was done with the procedure, he watched her leave, then looked over to the console and sent a message to the Captain and Doctor Velana about the procedure and what is taking place. He contacted the Mercury to have his uniform and medals transported to him. He looked up as the orderly brought in the anti-grav chair with the crutches. In his mind he looked at them and closed his eyes, but he nodded and thanked them as they left the room. The most difficult duty he ever faced was now before him.::

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He sat on the edge of the bed, turned the chair around to take the crutches in his hands. The last time the he had to use them was on Earth, but there he had both legs, in case he fell. He took both of them and placed them under his arms and stood up on his leg. He moved over to the curtain and closed it. He moved back over the the bed and grabbed his pants. He looked over to the bathroom and moved over towards it, but then one of the crutches slipped out from under him. He fell to the floor hard, with anger he screamed. This was the first time that he let out his frustration and emotions. Nurses and orderlies came to aid him, but he just looked at them with the cold hardness, warning them to stay back.::
They all stood back as he pulled himself over to the bed, they watched just in case he needed help, but with the look Alexander gave them, they just stayed there waiting. He looked deeply into himself and fought the inner fear of falling again. He moved his right leg under himself and pushing up with his hands on to his knee. He pushed again to sit back on the bed. He felt tired from the emotion that he finally released, but then he looked up to see Jade standing at the door watching with the others. He looked into her eyes to see the strength flowing from her into him. Then he heard the voice of his father in his mind to never give in, rise above, overcome, adapt, use what we taught you.::
One of the nurses brought him the crutches and he thanked him. He put them under his arms again, stood up and moved into the bathroom to put on his pants, and the one boot. After a few minutes he came out with the pants and boot on. He breathed heavily as he moved over to the bed and sat down. He looked to Jade and smiled as he put on his uniform jacket. He then used the crutches again as he moved to the mirror, to look at his uniform to make sure that everything was placed correctly. He turned to her and smiled as he moved to the anti-grav chair and sat down. He looked to her and held her hand in a gentle grip, he looked in to her beautiful green eyes, kissed her hand and nodded that he was ready. The pair headed towards the turbolift and the party in holodeck three.: