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Shryker – I missed you.

Matthews: You have no idea how much I missed you.

((Briefing Room-USS Mercury))

Alexander and the crew have just heard about the status of the space station and the situation on the planet. The suggestion of not being able to walk on a planet surface when you have been in space and doing nothing, but work constantly can have its toll on the mind, and the crew needs that feeling of solid ground under their feet. Jade had just finished talking with Velana and catching up.::

Shryker: Sure! ::Alexander walked over to the door and waited for Jade. He looked at her and smiled as she talked with Velana. The day was coming soon where they would be joined together by the Captain on the holodeck of the Mercury connected to the other ships in the fleet. He looked to Jade and she saw his serious face fade away.:: Hey my man.

Matthews: Hello there beautiful. ::Smiling and holding her close.::

Shryker: What we doing now? ::putting her arms around him.::

Matthews: I have a surprise for you. Come on have something to show you. :: Taking her by the hand to the turbolift as they walked through the bridge. Upon entering the pair take the lift to Deck Four.::

((OOC: Music of the heart Jade and Alexander.))

((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

Alexander held Jade’s hand as they walked from the turbolift to their home away from home. He is very happy that she made it back safely back from the away mission, after the briefing was over in the briefing room, they walked down to the new quarters. He picked her up and carried her inside as the door opened. Jade gasped in surprise and happiness as her husband to be carried her without effort into their shared quarters. She put her arm around his neck and rested her head against his shoulder. They entered the room, but since Jade had come aboard the ship, Alexander had everything moved to a family sized quarters. There is a living area with a couch, table and chairs. Off to the left was the bedroom with the bathroom sonic shower that also had the connections for real running water, with a bathtub. Over to the right there was a small kitchen for cooking meals. Above the couch is the three piece sword set given to him by S'Acul from the Avandar. On the port side are the view ports. On the bulkhead before you enter the bedroom, there are bookshelves with the classics. These are larger due to Jade and Alexander are to be married. In the bedroom there is a double bed with the view ports at the head, with night stands on both sides, with the picture of his parents on his side. Storage lockers and closets are on the starboard side of the room. The bathroom is forward of the door. On the wall towards the aft, are the pictures of the crews that Alexander has served with, The Avandar, Thunder, and now the Mercury. ::

Alex: Congratulations chief. ::Kissing her gently on her satin lips.::

Jade: Thanx babe.

Alex: You are very welcome sweetheart. ::Smiling at her as he set her down on the deck.:: Welcome to our home away from home.

Jade: This is our home. This is my first real home.

Alex: Our real home is in the valley, but yes this is our place. I’m going to expand on it a bit I think. To give us a bit of more room. ::Placing his arm around her as he walked with her over to the couch and sat her down.::

Jade - Swell! We’re gonna be so happy here together. One ship, one heart.

Alex: One love. ::He bent down on one knee and took off her boot as she needed to relax from the mission.:: I have not been able to put your things away yet. I was a little busy on the bridge. ::Starting to give her a foot rub.:: How did the mission go ?

Jade: Was tiring, but we saved the station - no thanx to those bugs.

Alex: ::Rubbing her foot then up to her calf.:: I’m sorry that I could not go with you. ::Feeling the tension in her leg, rubbing it gently.:: I’m making dinner, what would you like to eat ?

Jade: Aw something hot and bad for me. Burgers!

Alex: ::Smiling.::You shall have it.::Taking off her other boot and rubbing her foot.:: How does that feel ? ::Jade sank back on the couch, the stress in her body leaving her.::

Jade: Feels awesome Alex. ::She wriggled her toes.::

Alex: Good, you needed this. ::He continued to rub her leg, looking into her beautiful green eyes.::

Jade: Hey, how was it being in the Captain’s chair?

Alex: It was different, I have had the bridge before. This was very different.

Jade: You’ll have your own command one day. I’d love to be there with ya.

Alex: I hope so. ::Looking at her.:: Baby of course you're going to be with me. I want you to be by my side, always.

Jade: Yeh! I want that, want it a lot.

Alex: Good, I’m glad. We belong together. ::Placing her foot on the deck and walking over to the kitchen.:: How do you like your burgers cooked ? Would you like fries to go with it?

Jade: YEH!

Alex: I’m going to have a steak, baked potato and some asparagus.

Jade: Aw, that’s sound nice too – but I will stick with my burger.

Alex: Alright my dear. I invited one of my friends from my old ship he will be my best man. ::Looking at the sword collection hanging on the wall over the couch.:: One of my friends from the Avandar gave them to me for Christmas.

Jade: They are so cool. Sharp but cool.

Alex: ::Looking at her with a smile.:: You will meet my good friend Lt. Commander Eerie. By the way, I did not know that you knew Doctor Velana, she was on the Tiger with you ?

Jade: Velana! Yeh, we served together on the Tiger. We first met on the lost Independence in the Mirror Universe. We got kidnapped and___ tortured by a mirror Inquisitor. It was a dark time.

Alex: ::Looking to her, then feeling anger that she had been hurt. He was also concerned for the doctor, but to know that Jade was hurt made him very angry. He had to remember his training, to calm himself. This was a different type of feeling that he never felt before, he now understood the feelings. The anger changed to hurt, that he could not be there for her. He walked over to her, held out his hand to her and helped her up.:: Are you alright ?

Jade – I’m ok now, we both survived and were stronger for the experience.

Alex: ::Touching her face.:: I told you on the day that I asked you to marry me. I will be there for you always. I love you Jade.

Jade – Hug me.

Alexander takes her into his arms, holding her with the compassion in his heart and the love in his soul that only one person in the universe could have, Jade. He moved his head down to kiss her satin soft lips gently.::

Jade: My Alex! All mine.

Alex: You have become my life and my heart. ::Holding her tight.:: There is nothing that can keep us apart now. ::Taking her by her hand to the table, pulling out the chair for her to sit.:: Oh, I forgot what flavor would you like the wedding cake to be ?

Jade: Ooh, fruit cake with white icing?

Alex: I will let Chief Donalson know. ::Smiling.:: He is dying to make it. ::Laughing.:: Rockwell likes to make real food, so I know for a fact that he will make it from scratch. Baby, what would you like to drink with dinner ?

Alexander walked back into the kitchen to continue making dinner for them both, he opened the refrigerator, and pulled out the drink she asked for. He opened the cupboard and pulled out two glasses. then walking back over to the table and pouring the drink in the glass for her.::

Jade: Red wine, and lots of it ::she giggled.::

Alex: ::Smiling at her as he looked into her eyes.:: Oh, before I forget. ::Taking out his PADD to send the flavor of the wedding cake to Rockwell, then placing it back in his utility pocket.:: There, he now has the order for the cake. ::Walking back into the kitchen. Jade rested her chin on her folded hands, and looked up at Alex. She was the luckiest woman in the galaxy.::

Jade: Love you.

Alex: ::Looking back to her with a smile.:: Love you too. ::He thought for a moment.:: Hey want to invite Velana over for dinner some night ?

Jade: Sure, that be great!

Alex: I was thinking about asking the Captain too. We all have not had time really get to know each other. After our wedding how would you like to spend a week on the beach, camping out under the stars. Then after a few days invite Eyas and Alaxa down for a kind of double date.

Jade: Yeh, gonna be busy hosts. Love it.

Alex: Do you like that idea? ::Taking out the meats from the refrigerator, laying them on separate cutting boards. Opening the cabinet and taking some spices, to season the meats before cooking.:: I think it will be fun. We could really use it after this mission. If you are ok with the idea.

Jade: Sure thing Alex. ::Alexander grabbed some potatoes, washed them off with water, taking a cutting knife from the block and cutting them to be fried in the oil for Jade’s dinner. He opened the cabinet and pulled out the skillets, two pots, filled one with water and the other with the olive oil. He turned on the heating elements and started cooking.::

Jade: Smells great!

Alex: ::Placing the ground beef in the skillet,the cut potatoes in the hot oil, his vegetable in the boiling water. He placed the steak in the broiler, and the potato in the steamer. Turning back towards Jade.:: The place needs your touch to it, I will sleep on the couch.

Jade: Gonna make it pretty.

Alex: I know you will babe. Jade I’m a gentlemen as you know. ::Turning back to the food, flipping the burger.:: It’s just how I am. It’s ok really, I want you to be comfortable. ::Flipping the steak, checking the rest of the food.:: It’s only a day. ::Walking over to the table and drinking some of the wine from his glass.::

Jade: thanx. ::said Jade as she took the a sip of wine and smiling.:: I’m hungry!

Alex: ::Smiling.:: Good, I have really not had the chance to eat myself. I hope you enjoy my cooking. ::Smelling the aroma of the foods cooking.:: I think the food is ready. ::Setting his glass down on the table, he walked over to the kitchen.::

Jade: Yum!

Alexander opened the cupboards and took out some plates, and he grabbed the skillets and walked over to the table and served it on to the plates, then he placed the burger and fries in front of Jade. The food was placed in front of her.::

Alex: ::Serving his dinner onto the plate in front of him.:: There you are sweetheart. Hope you that you will enjoy it. ::Sitting down in his chair.::

Jade: thanx Alex. You're a great cook.

Alex: Thank you. My father taught me a few things when he was home. Most of everything else about cooking my mother taught me. ::Cutting into the steak and eating the piece.::

Jade: What other skills do you have? ::She smiled, looking up at him.::

Alex: ::Looking into her eyes.:: Pilot, martial arts, bladed, and phased weapons. I was a marine remember. What about you ? I know you had to have some training to be in security.

Jade: Heehee, those weren’t the skills I meant. But security and piloting skills are what I am good __ professionally.

Alex: ::Nodding with a smile.:: You and Askade would get along on that one. She is the best sparring partner. One of these days she will get around to teaching me the art of the Bat’leth.

Jade: Be careful – they’re sharp. D’ciq should go easy on you.

Alex: I’m sure she would, she has saved my life. ::Eating some of the potato.::

Jade: This meal is delicious. ::Eating:: Shame we have to clear it up.

Alex: ::Drinking some wine from his glass.:: Leave the dishes babe, I will take care of them, when you are finished.

Jade: Thanx Hon.

Alex: I have a few reports to send out before I can get some sleep. There is a bathtub so you can take a bath. ::Smiling at her.::

Jade: Oooh, I like. Not had a real bath for___ long time. Sonic showers just not the same.

Alex: There is something that I have been wanting to do ever since you came on board the ship.

Jade: What’s that Alex?

Alex: ::Standing up from the chair.:: This.

Jade: oooh! ::Walking over to her and taking her by the hand, as she stood up he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Kissed her gently as the door closed behind them.::