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The Nova Class[1] starship presents a unique situation concerning security needs compared to other classes of ships. The Nova Class is a Science Surveyor of small size and limited crew capacity. Most ship classes of comparable size tend to be combat oriented and therefore rarely have the limited capacity to provide security as a Nova Class. Other ships tend to be of a larger size and therefore a higher percentage of crew members in the Security department.

The Nova Classes crew compliment is roughly 12-13.5% security personnel. While that may seem a sizeable percentage, it only accounts for 15 assigned crew members at most. If a Marine Detachment is assigned to the ship, the potential security personnel doubles. However, many ships do not have a detachment assigned to them.


The above notes present a situation in which the Security department must be adaptable even on a regular basis. If one examines the basic duties[2] of Security as to the safeguarding of a ship's vital areas, the limited number of personnel, shows the evident problem. With no more than 5 personnel per shift, if even only one crewman were posted to guard a vital area, this would leave two unguarded areas. If guards are needed in other areas safety and security would need to be sacrificed for other vital areas. Under Red Alert, the problem is further exacerbated as if even only one crew member was posted to each deck and to vital areas, the entire security team would be used and spread out. These problems are further made difficult when security personnel are used for away missions.


The Security department runs in three shifts along with the rest of the ship. Alpha shift is headed up by the Chief or Acting Chief of Security. Beta shift by the Assistant Chief of Security. Gamma shift by the SNCOIC (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge). The four enlisted personnel patrol the decks in pairs on a regular deck rotation. The shift rotation is per the following example: Alpha shift on duty, Beta shift on standby, Gamma shift on sleep rotation. In this example, Gamma shift being on standby allows for quick back-up on an as needed basis such as a Yellow Alert when additional patrols will be conducted. In the case of Red Alert, all three shifts will go active with a single member in each vital area and the rest providing patrols.

If the need arises for a Security officer to man the tactical station on the bridge, it will be manned by the current shift lead (CoS, ACoS, SNCOIC). If Security personnel are used for an away team[3], members from the team on standby will be called to perform ship security duties.

In the case of heightened security (E.g. diplomatic courier, prisoner transport, etc.), and a Marine detachment is not assigned to the ship, non-vital crew from the Science department can be temporarily assigned to patrol and guard duties if needed.


(Note: Ranks can be superseded by Captain's preference.)

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