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The ReachOut program is a Starfleet initiative founded in 2397, to provide support and rehabilitation to former Starfleet personnel who have struggled in civilian life after leaving the service. There are few restrictions on who qualifies to take part in the program; currently the only requirements are that the individual was once Starfleet and are now experiencing difficulties integrating into civilian life.

ReachOut employs a mix of civilian and Starfleet personnel, working together in a multi-disciplinary team to support those in their care. The program offers civilian employment and accommodation, as well as medical and counselling services for an initial period of 12 months. Some individuals may find themselves in a position to return to Starfleet at the end of this year, though they are expected to be a minority, and the program's primary goal is to help its participants adjust to the changes in their life, address any physical or mental health issues, and help them find a fulfilling path forward.