Raza Dazil

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USS Ronin
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Raza Dazil
Position Helm Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Trill (joined)
Gender Female
DOB 237609.14
Age 24
Birthplace Trill homeworld
Writer ID J239802D12

Lieutenant Raza Dazil is currently working as a helm officer on the USS Ronin


  • Name: Raza Dazil
  • Age: 24
  • DOB: 237609.14
  • Race: Trill (joined)
  • Gender: Female


  • Height: 5'5
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Hair color: Dark brown, almost black.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: She's average height, and works out. So rather fit. Has nice arms.
  • Uniform (on duty): Regular uniform for the job. She chooses the red version.
  • Taste in clothing (off duty): Anything that is fun. She likes to give everyone the ol' razzle dazzle, as it were.

Personality and Background

Raza Dazil, born Raza Bex, had always wanted to be joined. It was something that multiple people in her family had tried for. One of her cousins had even succeeded. But she was the only one in her immediate family to get through the rigors of what it took to become joined with a Symbiont. She always knew she had it in her. She'd first expected to be joined with a symbiont that had multiple lives behind them, have experiences from previous joinings in her own.

And then she met Dazil. A rather new symbiont. Or at least one that had never been joined. Something in Raza knew she had to be joined with Dazil. And she was adamant about this. Almost to the point that she's not sure if they agreed to it because they were going to anyway, or if it was because they felt pressured into it. But she doesn't regret being the first. She knows she's not going to have the same experience as those with multiple lives. In some ways, she understands it might even be lonelier than joining with one who's been joined before. But she's going to give Dazil the time of their shared lives together.

Education-wise, outside of the Trill things, she's a pilot. To be more clear... a bit of a stunt pilot. It was something she did when she was younger, and an interest that never left her as she grew up. She just put it toward Starfleet when the time came. She likes to have fun, and she is unafraid to pull some interesting moves while flying. She wasn't necessarily someone with the highest grades in certain areas at the academy, but she excelled in the role of helm, as well as operations as needed. She did take a bit of a minor in security and will protect those around her as needed in a similar way. But she prefers the helm when possible.