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This average size class M planet is a mass of steep hills, mountains and valleys. About 50% of the planet is covered with water. The rest of the planet seems to be a mass of hills and valleys broken up by towering mountain ranges. While many types of vegetation grows on the hills their are many areas of wind swept rock as well.


The Ramdii males are noted for their curled, ram-like horns on the upper sides of their foreheads in the region of their temples. These horns on extremely rare occasions can be stag-like. These horns can also be rather large in size. They have prominent, bull-like foreheads and socket like ridges over their eyes. Males stand on average about 5'6" to 6'2" and weight about 160 lbs to 260 lbs.

The females are slightly smaller being on average 5'4" to 5'10" and weighting between 100 lbs and 180 lbs on average. The females also seem to have longer hair on their heads and it is usually as soft and silky as the rest of the fur covering them. Also the horns on a female are missing entirely or in rare occasions just small projections of about 2 to 3 inches on their temples. They also do not have the prominent foreheads or the ridges over their eyes.

A typical Ramdii has three-toed hooves for hands and four-toed hooves for feet. Eye color ranges. They are cover all over with a short soft covering of fur. The fur on their heads is longer and usually more coarse and darker than that covering their body. Hair color is typically white, black, chestnut, and other various shades of brown.


They have a centralized government.


They have warp technology and a well developed industrial base. Pollution is kept to a bare minimum and they have a number of facilities in space including a repair station and a number of defense satellites.