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Quint is the Bajoran captain of the starship Orca, frequently seen docked at DS17 with it's familiar cargo of Edosian suckerfish and other seafood. He is a charming and roguish individual.

In late 2385, Quint found himself stuck on the station when a quarrantine locked down all the docking ports. Not happy to sit and wait while his cargo rotted, Quint's attempts to grease a few security palms failed and his next move of beaming rotten fish into Lieutenant Sharpe's quarters was enough to see him admitted to the inside of the brig for a time.

Although to all intents and purposes a 'respectable' trader, Quint has a number of minor misdemeanors with several governments and has something of a reputation as a man who can get things. His surprising knowledge of transporter technology and tendancy to hang out at the Black Jendorvak and Molly Malone's Irish Pub have not gone unnoticed, either.