Prime Minister's Mansion

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The Mansion has four floors with the fourth being the private residence of the family. It used to be one of the many houses that the royal family held.

The Mansion's third floor contains the Triangle office, which is the official office of the Prime Minister, and the other key offices of those who report directly to the PM.

The second and first floors are the only two that are open to tours by visitors. The second floor holds the press room, the Senior Staff briefing room, as well as some important rooms that had to do with the past royal families (bedrooms and such).

The first floor has the main lobby, the pool, hot tub, ballroom, and dining hall. It also holds the kitchen for the mansion, the bigger pets' rooms, and other rooms that are important due to their intrinsic value.

The Mansion's first floor occupies about 2.5 Terran acres, and the residence property occupies about 27 Terran acres.