Nishikanta and Vijanyendra Kapoor

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Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor & Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor are the twin sons of Chandni Kapoor and PNPCs, played by Jalana Rajel

USS Constitution-B

Nishikanta & Vijanyendra Kapoor


  • Full Names: Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor & Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor
  • Nicknames: Nishi and Vija
  • Race: Human/Betazoid
  • Date of Birth: 5th September 2384
  • Age: 16
  • Place of Birth: Earth, San Fransisco
  • Gender: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him (Currently)
  • Telepathic status: Telepathy (limited) & Empathy
  • Religion: Hinduism
  • Languages: Hindi, Standard
  • Position: Children, Civilian


  • Height: 58.7" (149.1 cm)
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Style: Short
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Distinctive features: Identical Twins

Visual File Name Information
Chandni Kailashnath Sanjushree Kapoor Mother
Delran Rennan Father, Betazoid
Kailashnath Penjal Hanila Kapoor Grandfather
Sanjushree Roshan Neelah Kapoor, Khan before marriage Grandmother

Personal History

Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor and Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor were both just two minutes apart in September 2984. Their parents Chandni Kapoor and Delran Rennan were a Cadet in Starfleet Academy and already seperated at this time. They have seen Delran when being on Campus, but never had contact to him.

Because Chandni had a lot to do with studying, she had help by her friends taking turns to watch the boys. So they basically had four parents: Chandni herself, Ranjid (her best friend), Karen (another friend), and Pey (her roommate).

Nishikanta and Vijanyendra have not met their grandparents, though they think it is because they are too far away.

The boys moved with their mother on the USS Apollo after her graduation and of course followed when she relocated to the USS Constitution-B.


  • Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor

Nishikanta is two minutes older than his brother. He is a little bit more serious and shows a bit more responsibility, trying to make his brother do the right thing - but only if there is no other way to get out of a situation. He also plays Frontier Man who possessed the superpower of flying

  • Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor

Vijanyendra is two minutes younger than his brother. He is more mischievous and usually gets the most ideas on how to have fun (or cause trouble) of the duo. He also plays Captain Warpcore who possessed engineering superpowers.

  • Both

If they see a chance to have fun, they take it. They are very curious and want to try out everything they see. They usually try to get out of trouble with the 'hide' tactic and if that does not work, they try to be very cute to get away. They are very lively and active, by her mother lovingly called the tornados. They love playing together in their own fantasy world as Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man fighting imaginary and made up villains to protect the Constitution and are not too shy to include other crew members and their superpowers in their stories. Due to their twin status, they have a connection to communicate a lot without words, though their telepathic and empathic abilities are about to develop and their mother is not equipped to teach them how to use them.

  • Food and Drink

They eat everything and love hot chocolate