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LT Eerie & LT (jg) Gilaars - USS Avandar - New and old duties

Eerie found the security officer, organizing her detail to provide some security around the few supplies, and getting things organized with the Marine detachment. The settlement was finally starting to take shape, but it appeared that Cmdr Ulmas, had some different thoughts on how things should be done::

Eerie : Lieutenant, It appears I will be on the moving crew for some time, but please put me in the rotation for a patrol or two.

Eerie wasn’t particularly thrilled with moving the debris, but he was pretty good at it, but it was frankly boring:

Gilaars: Sure, Lieutenant. I have a slot on beta shift, on the Engineering Deck, the two days, Ensign West is normally off. ::shows calendar on PaDD::

Eerie::Looking at the PaDD :: Thank you, I would appreciate it, Lieutenant .

Gilaars: I just want to be sure you aren’t over extending yourself, okay?

Eerie looked at the security officer, and panned at the dismal surrounding and then back at the red head, the other one::

Eerie: Gilaars, I will watch, myself, but like vulcans , we can go for long stretches with sleep or food, I’m a bit out of practice, but it is coming back to me.

Eerie looked at the security officer, he could see the worn eyes, and the drawn face, she had probably been up for a few days her self::

Eerie Lieutenant, you better get some rest, you look tired.

Gilaars: I should, but I have too much yet to do, before I can leave here.

oO (Eerie) She is certainly right on that, it has been busy few days, I mean weeks, and it will stay that way probably until the day we get off of this cursed planet Oo

Eerie: I agree Lieutenant;

Gilaars: I still am dealing with the investigation of that ‘incident’ in the Science Lab, plus other irritating little things, that won’t get done, unless I do them. ::sighs::

Eerie: Lieutenant, if there is anything that I can do, please let me know, we are all in this together.

Gilaars: I know. ::sighs:: I just don’t have a clue how you can, because the ‘chief suspect’ has been stonewalling all of us.

This was news to him, but he had been pretty far removed from the investigation ::

Eerie: Lieutenant if there is anything I can do.......

Gilaars: I also have this nagging sense of dread, but I cannot pinpoint its ‘source’.

Eerie: Hmm......I will keep my eyes out.

Eerie thought of all the loss of life, and they were stuck on the other side of a worm hole, were the only possible help would be the Romulans. But this was unexplored territory. …....unexplored.::

Eerie looked around the destruction, but it appeared that the majority of the crew was hard a work trying to make things a bit better::
He stared the the Security officer::

Eerie : I will let you get back to you work, …'re doing a good job ….hang in there and get a few hours of sleep tonight.

Gilaars: I will try, as best I can. Thank you, Lieutenant. ::goes quiet, as Eerie nods, then leaves. She sighs.:: o0 Why? Why now? 0o ::quietly weeps, her head in her hands::

Eerie nodded. They had all been under a lot of stress the past few days, they had all known of crewmembers lost. He walked back the fractured hull of the ship. He started to take pieces apart carefully, looking for any hope of survivors, not expecting to find anything as it had been too long::

Lieutenant Eerie Tactical Officer and Prime Mover USS Avandar


Lieutenant(jg) Rebecca Gilaars Security Officer USS Avandar