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Pernipia Colony

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Mirielle Danvers


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Colony Leader
  • Colony: Pernipia Gamma IV
  • Race: Human
  • Spouse Widowed

  • DoB: 234310.18
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Height: 5’-6”
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown, grey

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Mirielle Danvers, a Human, is currently the Federation colony leader on the planet Pernipia Gamma IV.


  • Full Name: Mirielle Evelyn Danvers
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 234310.18
  • Place of Birth: Nova Terra Colony, Icana System
  • Age: 49
  • Gender: female
  • Telepathic status: 0


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Hair Color: dark brown, with grey
  • Length of Hair: shoulder length
  • Eye Color: blue
  • Skin Tone: pale
  • Build: slender
  • Face: heart shaped
  • Carriage: upright, confident
  • Voice: Soft and commanding
  • Handedness: right


Mirielle is a devoted mother and a hardworking leader. She values hard work, honesty, patience and common sense. She is slow to anger, but quick to play 'Mama Bear' if her children are in danger.


  • Marital Status: Widowed
    • Spouse: Ralph Danvers - large colonial farm landowner, deceased
    • Place of Marriage: Our Lady of Grace church, Terra Nova colony
  • Children:

Lisa Danvers - 24 - Lisa is a colonial engineer, fix-it-all 'miracle worker' and a computer whiz-girl. She will likely take her mother's place as the next leader of the colony

Robert Danvers - 21 - Robert is something of a slack-a-bout, an intelligent kid with too much time on his hands and a tendency to get into trouble. But when push comes to shove, Robert is quick to support his family.

Ethan Danvers - 18 - Ethan is a dedicated young man who is attending Starfleet Academy. Mirielle Danvers directly agreed to establish the Pernipia Colony in order to secure Ethan a place in the Academy.

Personal History

Born and raised a on Terra Nova colony, Mirielle Danvers had always been a colonial girl. She trained and worked as a nurse, meeting Ralph Danvers at a large party when she was in her early twenties. They married and had three kids, which forced Mirielle to give up her practice. She loved her children dearly, but grew depressed when her husband became addicted to recreational drugs and suffered a heart attack after an accidental overdose. Since then she had spent most of her time and effort building the best life she can for her children, rising in the colony ranks until she was chosen as a leader for a new colony on Pernipia.