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Four Letter Code MEGA
Federation Status Members
Planet of Origin Megganon
Encountered Star Trek: The Motion Picture
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"The waters nurtured us and the land provided for us so it is only right that we nurture and care for them in return."
a Megarite proverb.
The Megarite are a species of intelligent humanoids that have evolved from a marine life form. Now they are a member of the Federation.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: ??? Sector (coordinates A27-0002-1300??)
  • Proper Name: Megganar system
  • Star: It orbits a class G (Yellow) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 43 million km
  • Companions: It is the 3rd of 7 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 1 massive moon and a dust ring

Home World

  • Proper Name: Megganon
  • Diameter: 14,??? km (14,749 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.10 high standard gravity with a density of 3.2
  • Axial Tilt: 13.9%, with normal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 382 days
  • Rotational Period: 27.9 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 78%
  • Atmosphere: 1.07% is a standard pressure with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals
  • Climate: A very warm tropical world
  • Terrain: It has small scattered islands covered in dense jungles and steep hilly, mountainous zones.
  • Population: Just over 5 billion


Like many worlds, Megganon was plagued with war, constant, frequent conflicts between regions, cities, communities and different ideological believers. These ranged from minor border conflicts, occasional clashes between ill armed rabble and long term, generations long wars between well trained, equipped and led troops.

But this all ended early in the dawn of their modern age. They discovered an unknown ship in the depths of their waters. It was battle damaged, but still impressive, still unknown and this created a spark of uncertainty, one that swept through their entire population like a viral outbreak.

As a result most conflicts ceased, peace treaties were negotiated and cease fires came into effect and while some minor sparks of violence and combat continued it was noticeable less, almost unworthy of notice. It was in this new temporary environment of peace that the best scientists, engineers and technicians from around their entire world were brought together to try and reverse engineer, to try and discover the secrets hidden within the alien ship.

It took them almost 35 years but they finally figured out what the ship was and how to duplicate many of the advanced technologies contained within the vessel. This sparked a race by them to perfect a ship of their own. This took them another 11 years but they finally were able to launch a successful space chip.

After the first initial launches, they encountered Denobulan traders. Shortly after this the Vulcans approached them and offered peaceful contact. Relations between these two peoples continued to improve leading to the Megarites joining the Federation when it was formed. The Megarites have been loyal members of the Federation for over 100 years.

As a result of the co-operation needed to learn and reverse engineer the alien technologies they slowly learned to work together. This eventually resulted in a single world government that protected the rights of all and eliminated most of the reasons for conflict between different factions.


The Megarites have a basic caretaker government. Each citizen of age has the right to vote on important issues. Each citizen who can get sufficient signatures for a referendum will have it be voted on by the general population. The government body is just a permanent body to implement decrees by the general population. There is a prime minister, but he is just an officer of the government that is primarily diplomatic in nature.


They are quite humanoid in appearance, but they have a working set of gills that process water and air for oxygen. They have a thick skin much like a rhino. They also have layered lips over their mouths. They have no biting teeth, only molars for grinding up food. As a result most of their prepared meals are liquid or in a puree.


They have unusual vocal cords that require them to vibrate their lips while speaking or singing in order to produce the wide range of sounds available to them. As a result they are quite skilled singers, converting most of their speech into a musical form of communication. Unfortunately this requires them to use a universal translator for all off world communications.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

When they first encountered the Vulcans they spent most of their time living under water as they could only stay out of the water for about 5 to 7 hours at a time before they needed to submerge themselves for up to 12 hours. As a result most of their population centers were near water.

The Vulcans were instrumental in helping them design new technologies that would allow them to take sufficient moisture out of the air to survive for long periods without needing to breathe underwater. These new technologies also helped them to regulate their body’s normal requirement for frequent contact or submersion underwater.

Eventually the Federation developed a system of injections that allowed them to survive on land for about a week before they need to submerge themselves completely underwater for about 6 hours.


The Megarites have few recorded instances of adverse mental health issues and for the few that they do have they have an excellent facility that works hard to not only treat and cure the patient but to learn from them as well.

As a species they believe that it is important to be one with nature. As a result most of their mining efforts are now off world or deep underground. Preservation of their environment and world is considered to be a responsibility of all of their people.


They believe in a single deity Shulana, which governs the actions of everyone on their planet. They do not have a concept of an evil deity and believe that things that go wrong are because somewhere someone did not follow the directions of Shulana.


While humanoid in appearance they believe that they descend from marine animals that moved to the land. Most of their tales, legends and folk stories revolve around conflict, hard learned lessons and their slow evolution into a new and different kind of species.


It is a very open, very friendly people, very open to strangers. They welcome off-worlders and believe in complete freedom of choice. They schedule referendums every 101 days. They are very involved in local events and concerns, as the government is only to implement the wish of the people. The people are the complete decision makers on the planet.


With the massive overabundance of Jade to be found just about everywhere on their world it is no wonder that they are the largest exporters in the Federation of jewellery, art work and other exotic items made completely of Jade.

Also their choirs and the resulting music created by them are in much demand. It is well known because of the rich, vibrant tones and harmonies they are able to create and blend together.


It is the custom for them to completely cover their bodies except for their faces. This is a ritual that has been passed down for thousands of years. The sun would dry out their skin, so they adapted the use of large robes with hoods to protect themselves. These garments would retain moisture for long periods of time protecting the skin. They still wear them even though they do not have to use them now as a means of protection.


The Megarites have quickly been able to catch up and make about 300 years’ worth of scientific discoveries in less than a hundred thanks to the initial spark of dedication needed to uncover the secrets contained within an alien ship they discovered.

Now they have large R & D projects and supply scientists and experts of all kinds to many off world research facilities throughout the Federation.

They have mastered the technologies needed to allow them to mine the depths of their world for large mineral deposits and most importantly the various other planets, moons and asteroids that fill their system.


The Megarite economy is completely based upon a barter system, while they do use the Federation credit system for all off world transactions. While is it is barter system, there is no need for profit. It is a simple exchange of goods and services. To take advantage of another is now considered to be a grave dishonor.

As the planet is rich in minerals including an overabundance of Jade and graphite steel, it is the primary export while artwork and technology is the primary import. All the raw materials are owned by the citizens, and everyone technically owns all the raw materials and they have vast mining interests on their world and in their solar system.

They have numerous long and short term trade deals which has resulted in an overall improvement of the quality of life for all of their people as well as providing excess funds to the government for many social programs and services.


Before the discovery of the downed alien vessel almost half of all the men were involved in one way or another with the training, outfitting or participation in the many various conflicts that plagued their world.

By the time that they gained entrance in the Federation this had changed and they had no military in the formal sense of the term. What they do have are a couple dozen rescue squads and a small but highly trained and effective internal security force. They rely completely on the Federation for all other military services.

Federation Intelligence Files

In 2145, Denobulan traders make first contact with Megarites. Shortly after they make contact with the Vulcans as well.

Due to their barter system, their first contact with the Ferengi did not go well. The Ferengi embassy was shut down by government order and all trade was halted with them.

A Megarite was passing through the air tram station in San Francisco, moments before Admiral James T. Kirk departed from the air tram.


Both Memory Alpha and Memory Beta were used as references as well as Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In an article appearing in the January 2002 edition of Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 9, entitled "Who is that Alien?"

In an interview appearing in the March 1980 edition of Fantastic Films, entitled, "The Star Trek Costumes", Fletcher revealed information about the Megarites and the design of their costumes. Also in 1980, Mego released a 3¾-inch Megarite action figure as part of its second series.

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