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((Bernard's Surf, Cocoa Beach, 1969))

::Ash sat as far in the dark corner as she could. It was a calming break from being at the forefront of everything since she became first officer. She soon fell into the thoughts that had often plagued her for the past few weeks, but up until that point, she had no time to really think about it. Now, in the dark quiet corner, those thoughts came back with a vengeance.::

::She wasn't sitting there long, however, before a waitress had made her way over and asked if she wanted anything. Feeling odd sitting there and not ordering something, she chose just a drink and some fries; a treat that her parents used to make from scratch when she was a child.::

::Once the order had been placed in front of her, she was returned to the dark silence, but it didn't last long. Again, her thoughts were interrupted as a man came and just sat at her table. She looked up at him questioningly; he had hair that was longer than her own, and his clothes were quite different than the perfectly tailored uniforms of the military people in the room.::

Smith: You're new here.

::The man flashed a grin at her which she did not return. Nor did she speak. She just sat there and watched him as he popped some candy in his mouth and stared back at her.::

Smith: I'd know if I'd seen you before. Whoo, something about the beach and the cute girls.

::He smiled again, and Ash wondered just what he was getting at. She wished he would walk away, but he just sat back seemingly enjoying whatever candy he was eating. Ash finally spoke.::

MacKenna: What do you want?

::The man seemed taken aback by the comment.::

Smith: Nothing. Just to keep the company of a good looking woman.

::Ash rolled her eyes.::

Smith: Here, this is some really great stuff. Makes everything better.

::He smiled again and handed her a piece of the candy he had been eating himself. Tentatively she took it. Perhaps he was a candy salesman that was looking for a sale, or at least trying to get the word out about it.::

::She looked at it for a moment before slowly putting it in her own mouth. The shock of flavors that hit was almost overwhelming; a sour sweetness that came together to make it like nothing she had ever tasted before.::

Smith: Good, eh?

::Ash eyed him again. She didn't trust people; it was her nature. Still, she was to fit in here until they had the manifest they had come for. Her mind was on that as she watched Eliaan at a table not far away.::

MacKenna: It's alright.

::She didn't say much, and she did even less. Unmoving, she still willed him to go away. She had tried his candy, now he could leave.::

Smith: Not one for words, are we?

::No. She wanted to scream at him. She was here on a mission and he was just in the way.::


::Any betazoids would have picked up on it, but humans, especially those in the past, didn't seem to get the hint.::

MacKenna: I...I have things on my mind.

Smith: Oh yea? Wanna talk about it?

::To someone she didn't know? Was he crazy? He had no idea what was going through her mind, and she intended on leaving it that way.::

MacKenna: No. I don't.

::The man sat back and put his hands up in the air.::

Smith: Alright, alright. I can take a hint.

::Right. That was why he was still sitting there, right? Ash rolled her eyes again.::

Smith: Look, I'll leave you be. Just promise if you decide to leave with anyone, come get me.

::He grinned and stood. Dropping another piece of the candy in front of her, he touched her shoulder.::

MacKenna: Right.

::Seemingly undeterred, he simply smiled and walked off. She watched him for a moment before absentmindedly popping the candy in her mouth. It was good; now, she just had to wait until Eliaan finished and hopefully they would be able to go home.::

::Ash turned her head to look at the other side of the room, and perhaps that was the first indication that something wasn't quite right. It seemed as if her vision were tracking, taking time to 'catch up' her where her eyes actually were. The movement seemed to be like slow motion. She brushed it off and leaned back. Closing her eyes for a moment would fix it.::

::All she could think of was home; her time, her ship, her room...::


Lt. Commander Ash MacKenna
Science Officer (Acting First Officer)
Starbase 118/USS Victory
As simmed by Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti

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