Luraul system

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Luraul system
Location Beta Quadrant
Sector Dran'tis Sector
Affiliation Unknown
Type Single Star
Sun(s) K0V
Planets Leya-I, Leya-II, Leya-III, Leya-IV, Leya-V
Other Members
Of Interest
Native Species Al-Leyan

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Dran'tis Sector (coordinates B24-0002-1300)
  • Proper Name: Luraul
  • Pronunciation: Lew-RAHL
  • Stars: K0V
  • Planets:
    • Leya-I: 0.68AU M-class 1 satellite
    • Leya-II: 1.4AU L-class 1 satellite
    • Leya-III: 2 AU J-class 15 satellites
    • Leya-IV: 2.9AU K-class 3 satellites
    • Leya-V: 3.8AU P-class