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Ensign Lai iRa'tleihfi S'Lvaebn tr'Jo'rek (simply known as Lai Jo'rek), a Romulan, is currently assigned to the USS Drake as a tactical officer.

General Statistics

  • Full name: Lai iRa'tleihfi S'Lvaebn tr'Jo'rek
  • Date of birth (Age): 236405.05 (34)
  • Place of birth: Ra'tleihfi, Romulus
  • Species: Romulan
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 171 lbs
  • Residency Status: REFUGEE


  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Body Build: Lankyish but rather muscular especially in the shoulders
  • Ridges?: Yes
  • Hair/Hair color: Jo'rek's hair rather long for a Romulan, long enough to where he keeps in a short ponytail, and due to his ridges, his hairline is formed in a V-shape. His hair color is jet black, however, there is one exception. He has two grayish (almost white) lines that begin from the point on the V of his hairline and then they split off, forming a slimmer yet still V-like manner.
  • Eye color: Very dark purple, almost black looking.
  • Tattoos: Jo'rek has his family tattoo, a predatory bird holding both a sword and a death mask in it's talons encircle around his right eye, starting from the bottom tip of the eyebrow, goes around, and ends near his jawline.


  • Parents:
    • FATHER= S'Tokkrus iRa'tleihfi Mirok tr'Jo'rek (born: 222102.16, age 168)
    • MOTHER= Isha irNn'Verih eNanclus t'Jo'rek (born:223207.07, age 156)
  • Siblings:
      • D'kaol iRa'tleihfi Tomalakus tr'Jo'rek (born: 225401.13,died: 230502.16, aged 51)
      • S'harien iRa'tleihfi D'mora tr'Jo'rek (born: 225601.23,died: 230607.01, aged 51)
      • Lhaerrh iRa'tleihfi Dar tr'Jo'rek (born: 225801.17,died: 230607.01, aged 48)
      • S'hanaj iRa'tleihfi Cretak tr'Jo'rek (born: 226002.01,died: 230607.01, aged 46)
      • Argelian iRa'tleihfi Sarine tr'Jo'rek (born: 226203.04,died: 231108.02, aged 49)
      • Havid iRa'tleihfi Parthok tr'Jo'rek (born: 226409.21,died: 231410.06, aged 50)
      • Delon iRa'tleihfi Rylov tr'Jo'rek (born: 226607.30,died: 231504.22, aged 49)
      • Rh'giellun iRa'tleihfi Hrienteh tr'Jo'rek (born:227311.12, died: 229103.02, aged 17)
      • S'Taskus iRa'tleihfi Koval tr'Jo'rek (born: 227512.23,died: 236706.13, aged 91)
      • Vrih iRa'tleihfi Velal tr'Jo'rek (born: 227801.03, died: 232305.24, aged 45)
      • Llhran iRa'tleihfi D'amarok tr'Jo'rek (born: 229008.11,died: 232708.26, aged 37)
      • S'Hauen iRa'tleihfi Hdaen tr'Jo'rek (born: 231710.04, died: 236706.13, aged 49)
      • Deletham iIhhliae Movar tr'Jo'rek (born: 232509.07, died: 235010.15, aged 25)
      • Taev irMhiessan Terik tr'Jo'rek (born: 233103.27, died: 235105.18, aged 20)
      • S'lmaiek iRa'tleihfi Solius tr'Jo'rek (born: 235106.24,died: 236706.13, aged 15)
      • Ariennye iRa'tleihfi Liorae-sihaer t'Koval (born: 227110.12, age 117)
      • Sindari iMnaeha Llhweiir t'Jo'rek (born: 235407.25, age 35)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


The personality of Lai Jo'rek is very restricted, due to the Vulcan training he received since moving to their homeworld when he was three years of age. Behind this restriction, however, is a whirlwind of emotions, passions, likes, dislikes, interests, and other aspects of him based upon his Romulan genetic inheritance and, if given the opportunity, can be honed by the environment that he is in. His only real signs of any sort of personality that can be easily seen is from the books upon his bookshelf and the twitching and raising of his right eyebrow when he tries to suppress emotions.

Personal History

Lai iRa'tleihfi S'Lvaebn tr'Jo'rek was born on 236405.05 in the city of Ra'tleihfi, Romulus, the planet's and the Empire's capital. Since his birth, his life was already tumultuous. Due to the selfishness, greed, and lust for power by most of his brothers, the Jo'rek family name had been severely tarnished, going from being the most respected military family willing to sacrifice their very lives for the glory and prosperity of the Empire to being labeled as traitors, even more so after it was discovered that the Jo'rek's were part of an underground movement that hopes to reunite the Romulans and the Vulcans and become one. Very few Romulans have any sort of respect to the Jo'rek name. His family had to move around a lot, avoiding countless assassins and people who had no loyalties to them. However, their constant movement came to a halt when Lai's last three brothers were killed by assassins. His parents had already made plans to make a permanent home on Vulcan within a few short years. But after the his brothers' deaths, this plan had to be enforced much earlier than they had hoped in order to save their family line and to save their last son from imminent death.

At only three years of age, Lai was thrust upon the Surakian traditions of the Vulcans, partly to fit in and get along with the native people but mostly because his parents felt that if his emotions were to be controlled, restricted, and maintained, then he would not follow down the destructive paths that most of his brothers followed. Due to his natural Romulan behavior, he was predicted to be a "failure" to the Vulcans and in a way slightly feared as to what he may become. That was until the Jo'rek's reached out to Sitok, a 190 year old Vulcan priest in the old ways and the Everlasting Teacher of the Katra. Sitok became Lai's mentor, calming the wild young Romulan, teaching him almost everything he needed to know and preparing him for the inevitable training in the ways of Surak. From then on, Sitok became Lai's most trusted and "best" friend.

Chronological History

  • 236405.05- Born in the capital of the Romulan Star Empire, Ra'tleihfi, on Romulus.
  • 236706.13- The deaths of Jo'rek's last three brothers after an attack on their ship by Breens. Jo'rek's parents decide to move to Vulcan ahead of schedule to save their final son and family line.
  • 236707.02- Arrival in Vulcan.
  • 236708.06- Begins training in Vulcan emotional detachment and advances in logical processes. Meets his mentor, Sitok.
  • 237205.05- Accepted into Surak's School and begins intense training in suppressing his rampant emotions from his Romulan heritage. Labeled a troublemaker by his teachers in his younger days.
  • 238405.05- Completes his rigorous training and is approved by the Confederacy and Vulcan High Command to be allowed to apply to the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.
  • 238406.06- Accepted into the Academy.
  • 238806.14- Graduated from the Academy with honors with a major in Tactical and a minor in Com/Ops. Earned awards and recognitions in all of his science classes.
  • 238903.06- Begins training simulations to complete graduation.
  • 238903.12- Assigned to USS Drake as tactical officer

Active Duty History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign 238903.12 - Present USS Drake
Tactical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Year Award Image Posting
2389 The Explorer's Ribbon Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg USS Drake