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Four Letter Code KZNT
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Kzin
Encountered TAS: The Slaver Weapon
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Unknown
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The Kzinti are an aggressive, warrior-like feline humanoid race, bound by the Treaty of Sirius and forbidden from all weaponry.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location:
  • Proper Name: Kzin
  • Star: 61 Ursae Majoris[1]
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions:
  • Moons:


The war-like Kzinti and the Caitians share common roots long ago - however, the two groups separated to develope as two entirely different civilizations.[2]

The Kzinti claim to have begun conflict with humanity in the late 21st century, and by 2269, had fought four wars with the species and subsequently lost in all of them. Finally, they were bound by the Treaty of Sirius in that they were forbidden from all weaponry, aside from police vessels.

Later in 2269, Kzinti archaeologists discovered two Slaver stasis boxes on Kzin. They turned one of these boxes over to Starfleet, but kept the other for themselves, only to find it empty. With the secret support of the Kzinti government, a plan was devised to reacquire the former box from Starfleet's custody, one which would be disavowed by the Highest of Kzin in the event of its failure. As such, Kziniti privateers operating from a stolen police vessel ambushed a shuttle crew of three Starfleet officers, confiscating the unopened box they had been transporting, and found a Slaver weapon.

Members of the privateer group had inadvertently unlocked the weapon's most powerful setting, rendering them unconscious by the resulting shockwave. The stolen Kzinti vessel was severely damaged and it's crew killed when the weapon engaged a self-destruct mechanism, as the weapon recognized it had fallen into enemy hands.


The Kzinti Patriarchy was led by the Highest of Kzin. They had police vessels and related equipment for the enforcing of laws, but were disallowed all other weapons by the Treaty of Sirius. Despite this, they often seek ways of circumventing the treaty in order to re-arm their species.[3]

The Patriarchy keeps a great deal of information from its citizens, though Kzinti diplomats are often provided with these secrets.[4]


Members of the Kzinti species are bipedal digitigrade felines. Primarily, they sport orange fur and yellow eyes. They have pronounced fangs and ears, and have four-fingered hands and long tails.

Kzinti telepaths are easily identified by their unkempt appearance, matted fur, and bouts of shivering. They sleep for most of their leisure hours. Their bedraggled, distraught appearance is shameful for a Kzinti.[4]


Their internal anatomy include ribs with vertical bracing and multiple hearts. They breathed atmosphere similar to that of Humans and Vulcans. As carnivores, they were acutely averse to the consumption of plants.

Some male Kzinti are capable of reading minds, though the effort required for this is quite taxing and takes time to recover - it also leaves individuals agitated or neurotic.[4]


An aggressive and warlike race, the Kzinti are disdainful of herbivorous species such as Vulcans, with only a marginal degree of respect for Humans. The Kzinti placed great importance on individual honor, and being obliged to seek revenge upon an attacker before they call for assistance. The ultimate insult to a Kzinti is for an individual to be defeated, or left wounded but alive - such things could only be remedied by single combat.


The Kzinti had superstitious legends about weapons being haunted by their deceased owners, of which some were frightened.


The Kzinti find eating a raw vegetable distasteful. Other pursuits in which Kzinti engaged included archaeology and astronomy.


The Kzinti are not named at birth, and instead earn their names through valorous deeds. Typically, these 'deeds' advance the interests of the Patriarchy. Unnamed Kzinti have the lowest status, and are generally referred to by the name of their profession. Those with single names have distinguished themselves in some manner, and they often follow their awarded name with the name of their profession. An individual can accumulate multiple names if they continue to perform valorously.[4]


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