Kirilow Ukinix

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Kirilow Ukinix

Kirilow Ukinix is a former controlling Matriarch of the Ninth House of Betazed, the Holder of the Noble Currency Chest of Rixx, and keeper of the Noble Lands of Betazed. She became Matriarch of the Ninth House when her mother Vestrayi died in 2329. Her reign lasted until 2374 when she was killed during the Dominion war.


  • Species: Betazoid
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: 229607.09
  • Died: 237404.13



Kirilow was the mother of three females (Vaxa, Reayi, Teaxixa) and one male (Astradem). She was married to Alacem Ukinix (nee Sada). Madly in love with each other, together they were known by the other houses as ruthless and cunning heads of the Ninth House.

Kirilow and Alacem deliberately pitted their children against each other to determine the best suitor of the title of head of the House, even though Vaxa was the eldest daughter and Matriarch Ascendant.