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Kazon Children
Four Letter Code KAZO
Federation Status At War
Planet of Origin Unknown
Encountered VOY: Caretaker
Current Tech Level N
List of Named Kazons

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The Kazon are under-evolved physically, and mentally. They had a limited medical knowledge, and technical expertise.


The Kazon originate from a world where another species evolved, the Trabe Sovereignty. The Kazon where treated as slaves in their own world for many years, but rebelled circa 2320. At present, the Kazon no longer dwell on their world, but live in scattered, military factions throughout the Delta Quadrant. The number of territorial concessions, and military factions continues to expand everyday.


There are 18 Kazon sects. Any Kazon without a sect is deemed a Goven, or outcast. The Kazon-Nistrim are ruled by Maje Culluh. The Ogla are ruled by Maje Haliz since the death of Maje Razik. The Maje of the Relora, Haron, sect is identifiable by a green sash. Other sects are the Mostral, Pommar, Hobii, and Oglamar.

Kazon Symbol