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  • Name:Kavor
  • Race:Klingon
  • Date of Birth:236501.21
  • Place of Birth:Klingon Cargo Ship VaQto
  • Age:23
  • Gender:Male
  • Telepathic Status:None


  • Height:6'5
  • Weight:230 lbs
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Length of Hair:Upper Back (Tied)
  • Eye Color:Brown
  • Skin Tone:Light Bronze
  • Build:Muscular
  • Voice:Deep,Heavy


  • Martial Status:Single
  • Parents
  • Mother:Vekema(44)
  • Father:K'var(49)
  • Siblings:K'vak(15)

Brief History

  • Kavor was born on his fathers cargo ship. K'var his father was once a honored warrior in the Klingon Empire, but after disobeying orders from the high council K'var was banished from the empire. Having to provide for himself and his wife K'var began shipping cargo. After two years Vekema, K'var's wife gave birth to Kavor. K'var taught Kavor about his people but being banished Kavor could never really be fully Klingon after his family's house was not recognized in the Empire. Kavor would spend most of his youth trying to learn everything he could about his people learning their customs,beliefs,rituals,and even fighting styles. When he became older Kavor began helping and working with his father running cargo. By this time K'var had a bigger ship and more crew members to help with the greater demand of cargo. By the age of 19 Kavor wanted more than just to be a cargo runner. With not being able to join the Klingon defense force he submitted an application to starfleet academy and was excepted. He has studied starship operations as a major and science as a minor.