Jourina Strosi

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Jourina Strosi

Status: Civilian

Occupation: High School Student

Race: Deltan

Age: 15

Height: Just 5' tall or 1.523 meters

Eye Color: Greenish Blue


She's upbeat and generally ready for whatever comes. Some people think she's unflappable, but she's just good at hiding her emotions. In reality, Jourina is a peacemaker. She generally knows much more of what's going on with her brother, and most other people around her, than she ever lets on. Nehron thinks he keeps his "business decisions" secret from her, but she's probably the main reason he's never actually been caught in any criminal dealings.


Jourina is most skilled at running interference for Nehron, and because Allie has been visiting them for years and sending them toys since time immemorial (to her point of view), she suspects that Allie Nevarass is actually their mother or some other close relative. She gets annoyed about all the secrets people try to keep, but she'll keep their secrets to her death if asked.