Joran Tavex

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  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Science Officer
  • Current Vessel: N/A
  • Date Assigned: 238110.20
  • Species: Trill *Joined*
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Stardate 235512.24, 26 years old
  • Place of Birth: Mak'ala, Trill


  • Hair Color: SEE NOTES
  • Eye Color: Light Blue
  • Height: 6'1 and 1/2

Family History

  • Mother: Kareel Cyln - Deceased; was a scientist and full time mother to Joran; survived by symbiont
  • Father: Malko Kel - Deceased; was a writer; survived by symbiont
  • Siblings: NONE ((Current host))
  • Spouse: NONE ((Current host))
  • Children: NONE ((Current host))

Personal History

The Tavex Symbiont is 368 years old.(a few years older than Dax)

Habits/Tendencies: He reads the end of a book before the beginning, gets space-sick, and he should not use transporters very often.

Favorite Foods/Drinks: Jerim Tea, Cardassian Red Leaf Tea, Vulcan Spice Tea, Azna(is a Trill vegetable soup), and Plomeek Soup

Joran plays the oboe and most Trill instruments, he also enjoys and participates regularly in gymnastics, fencing, tennis, and rock climbing. Joran also enjoys swimming. He is an escape artist, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Joran was Anbo-Jytsu Champion 4 years in a row at the Academy and was Holodeck Hoverball Champ 2 years. He picked up gymnastics after being joined. Joran got his interest in fighting skills from Selin. Joran also meditates daily(usually in the mornings).

Joran's Personality:

Myers-Briggs would say that you are an ENFP (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with James Kirk and Julian Bashir.

People like you are generally great problem-solvers. You're highly innovative, creative and unique. You're optimistic by nature, which may make others believe you're naive, but actually you're full of energy, very clever, and determined not to be stopped. You're outgoing, curious, and extremely playful. Others are sometimes taken aback by your enthusiasm, but it keeps you going after others have dropped.

You're deeply caring, sensitive and gentle, which, combined with your need to solve problems, may make you a little too eager to give others advice. You also process information very quickly, which may make others believe you're not listening to them. Before you share your feelings, you have to have time to process them.

You're adaptive and resourceful, but sometimes highly disorganized. You dream of having the perfect assistant. You respond best to people who encourage your unique viewpoints and insights, help you maintain harmony, and want to play and explore with you. You don't respond well when you're overwhelmed with details or when you're in a rigid situation.

Your primary goal in life is freedom to see possibilities, make connections, and be with a variety of people. Your reward is having spontaneous adventures.

Good careers for your type include being an advertising account executive, starship captain, career counselor, developer of educational software, actor, graphics designer, corporate team trainer, psychologist, inventor, medical pioneer, and child welfare counselor.

FROM a Star Trek Personality Test at:


  • 2014: Tal Kassus is BORN on planet Trill
  • 2017: Tavex is BORN on planet Trill
  • 2034: Tal and Tavex are JOINED, Tavex's first host
  • 2100: Hanor Otner is BORN on planet Trill
  • 2123: Tal DIES of old age, Hanor JOINED Tavex's second host
  • 2223: Selin Peers is BORN on planet Trill
  • 2244: Hanor DIES, Selin JOINED Tavex's third host
  • 2248: Arjin Tigan BORN on planet Trill
  • 2263: Yedrin Pren BORN on planet Trill
  • 2264: Nilani Krenia BORN on planet Trill
  • 2271: Selin DIES at battle of Klach D'kel Brakt
  • 2272: Arjin JOINED, Tavex's fourth host
  • 2285: Arjin Dies, Nilani JOINED Tavex's fifth host
  • 2286: Reeza Janori BORN on planet Trill
  • 2292: Nilani DIES in shuttle pod accident on re-entry into Trill's atmosphere, Yedrin JOINED Tavex's sixth host
  • 2311: Yedrin DIES in the Tomed Incident, Reeza JOINED Tavex's seventh host
  • 2311: Timor Pearen BORN on planet Trill
  • 2332: Reeza DIES, Timor JOINED Tavex's eighth host
  • 2336: Azala Leemach BORN on planet Trill
  • 2353: Azala joins Starfleet Medical School
  • 235512.24: Joran Brelkor is BORN in Mak'ala
  • 2357: Timor DIES, Azala JOINED Tavex's nineth host
  • 2361: Azala graduates Starfleet Medical
  • 236212.01: Kareel, Malko, and Joran move to Gheryzan. They live in the very house the Tavex symbiont's first host and Kel's fifth host lived in
  • 2364: Ensign Azala Tavex is promoted to full Lt. and is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D in the Medical Division
  • 2369: Lt. Tavex is promoted to LtCmdr
  • 2371-2: After the destruction of the Enterprise-D LtCmdr Tavex is promoted to full Cmdr after taking the Bridge Officer's Exam, she is posted as First Officer on the USS Santa Maria a Defiant-class starship
  • 2377: Joran enters Starfleet Academy
  • late 2379-early 80: Joran takes six months leave to be joined and to adjust
  • Trill autumn,2379: Joran JOINED, Tavex's tenth host
  • 238110.13: Joran finishes Training Mission Meze, Starbase 118 Holodeck Graduates Starfleet Academy
  • 238110.20: Joran is assigned to the USS Wallace, under the command of Cmdr. Kare'en, as a Science Officer; starts first mission
  • 238111.01: Was shot w/ a phaser by Lt.(j.g.) Barlow on the Wallace's Bridge
  • 2382??.?? - 2382??.??: Leave
  • 2382??.?? - 238206.06: Joran's second mission
  • 238206.06 - : Leave and a Kirov Party
  • 238207.20: Promoted to LtJG and transferred to the post of counselor

Tavex’s Past Hosts

Tal(m), Hanor(m), Selin(m), Arjin(m), Nilani(f), Yedrin(m), Reeza(f), Timor(m), and Azala(f)

Tal: Was a professional musician in the early 21st century; Joran got his passion for playing instruments from Tal Tal was married to Releta Kel

Hanor: Good-natured, craved attention, ambassador’s aid in his 20’s, joined in early 20’s, became really arrogant by late 30’s even by Trill standards, died in his 100’s Joran gets his love of the Vulcan culture from Hanor

Selin: He was chummy, generally a happy, and easygoing/outgoing man, he became a soldier in his early 20’s in Klingon Defense Force, was joined in his mid-20’s, after joined never really went back to Trill/generally stayed in Klingon territory, usually had planet-based assignments, made several Klingon friends, died in the Battle of Klach D’kel Brakt, rain became the only companion he could count on and when it was gone he missed it, but before it went away for the first time he hated it and cursed it Joran gets his love for Klingon culture from Selin

Arjin: Joined in mid-20’s, in the late 23rd Century was an engineer in Star Fleet, died as a full lieutenant

Nilani: A professional singer, she also gave voice lessons Joran received his love for music and song for Nilani

Yedrin: In the official records he is said to have been a ‘Federation scientist’, but really he was a Star Fleet intelligence officer who was helping to research the development of a Federation cloaking device, he died in the Tomed Incident when his fleet decloaked

Reeza: On the Symbiosis Commission, and was Head of the SC the last three years of her life, died at 46

Timor: Was a dare-devil. He was a test pilot for the Federation Joran gets his love of the human culture from Timor

Azala: A Starfleet doctor died at age 43, had three children, and a loving husband (all her family is still alive)

Professional History

Joran was joined 2 years after he started Starfleet Academy and went another 2 years after. He missed six months of the Academy because of joining.

Joran studied security, tactics, exobiology, probability mechanics, astrometrics, astrophysics, basic engineering, subspace morphology, subspace theoretics, xenobiology, psychology, exo-psychology, phchiatry, basic counseling, basic first aid, basic medicine, chemistry, and microbiology. Advanced triganometry, calculus, and physics. Zoology, botany, planetary geology, astronomical geology, planetary development, stellar cartography, terraforming, and many others at the University of Betazed, and Starfleet Academy with a visit and classes at the Federation Academy of Sciences on Deneb V(after he was joined).

Joran's schooling includes:

Primary and Secondary school on Trill, the University of Betazed on Betazed, and Starfleet Academy on Earth with a visit and classes at the Federation Academy of Sciences on Deneb V(after he was joined).

At the Academy Joran first was majoring in Tactical&Security, then after he was joined he changed it to Science&Medical/Counseling.

Character Data

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Wallace
  • Awards Received:
  • Groups:
    • On Leave

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign: 238110.13
  • Lieutenant JG: 238207.20
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander:
  • Commander:
  • Captain:
  • Fleet Captain:
  • Commodore:
  • Rear Admiral:
  • Vice Admiral:
  • Admiral:
  • Fleet Admiral:


Tavex has black, wavy hair that is a couple of inches long; with the normal Starfleet sideburns (pointed sideburns). Well built. He has olive toned skin. He could be mistaken as a Betazoid if not for his light blue eyes and distinctive Trill spots. ((actor that looks somewhat like Joran Tavex: Hrithik Roshan)) Joran weighs 74 kgs(175/180 lbs), and is six feet and one and a half inches tall.